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Stories for August 11, 2009

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CPUC Issues Recommendations on SDG&E Shut-Off Plan

Aug. 11, 2009
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

The public got some insight Tuesday into how San Diego Gas and Electric’s emergency power shut-off plan is playing with The California Public Utilities Commission.

Prices at the Pump Have Leveled Off, For Now

Aug. 11, 2009
Marianne Russ - California Capitol Network

Prices at the pump may have finally stopped going up – at least for now.

SDG&E Proposes New Project To Meet Renewable Goal

Aug. 11, 2009
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

San Diego Gas and Electric wants to build a new electric substation near Jacumba to tap renewable energy sources. The substation is one part of a project submitted to the state public utilities commission this week.

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Napolitano: Southwest Border Issues Shouldn't Be Segregated

Aug. 11, 2009
By Amy Isackson

The Secretary of Homeland Security says California will get about $7.5 million to help out law enforcement along the U.S. Mexico border. The announcement came during the secretary's speech Tuesday on U.S. Mexico border issues.

Del Mar Racetrack Adopts Softer Whips for Horses

Aug. 11, 2009
Associated Press

Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego County is taking the sting out of its horsewhips. On Wednesday, it will become the first track in California to require the use of riding crops that can't raise welts.

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In New Hampshire, Obama Defends Health Care Plan

Aug. 11, 2009

President Obama defended his health care overhaul Tuesday at a town hall-style meeting in New Hampshire, saying he didn't think government bureaucrats — or insurance company executives — should be meddling in health care decisions involving patients and doctors.

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Clinton Pledges Aid For Victims Of Congo Violence

Aug. 11, 2009
Associated Press

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toured an African refugee camp crowded with victims of violence and malnutrition Tuesday, pledging $17 million in American aid to help stem the tide of rampant sexual abuse that has staggered war-ravaged eastern Congo.

California Senate President Sues Governor Schwarzenegger

Aug. 11, 2009
By Alan Ray, John Decker, Nick Stoffel

There have been reports California's state senate leader was planning to file a lawsuit against Governor Schwarzenegger. We asked non-partisan Sacramento Political Consultant Leo McElroy what Democratic Leader Darrell Steinberg is trying to do.

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SOHO Takes on the Marston House

Aug. 11, 2009
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Pat Finn

The Irving Gill-designed Marston House in Balboa Park, which was closed to the public in February, 2009, has re-opened under the operation of Save Our Heritage Organization. We discuss the house, expense of historic preservation, and George Marston's history in San Diego.

Scientific Illiteracy Could Have Damaging Impact in Future

Aug. 11, 2009
By Hank Crook, Maureen Cavanaugh

Have we become a scientifically illiterate nation? If so, what affect will this ignorance about science pose to our future? We speak to the co-author of "Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future" about the book, and to discuss what can be done to increase our science IQ before it's too late.

Successful Independent Retail Stores

Aug. 11, 2009
By Maureen Cavanaugh

In a time when retail seems to be dominated by chain stores, there are some independents that are holding their own. Nationally-known retail expert George Whalin names the 25 best independent retail stores in the nation in his book "Retail Superstars."

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Surfer and Zen Master Discusses Journey of Self Discovery

Aug. 11, 2009
By Josette Herdell, Maureen Cavanaugh

A visiting author speaks with us about his quest of self-discovery as he surfed Hawaii, traveled the world and became a Zen master.

Group Hustles to Keep Stem Cell Center on Schedule

Aug. 11, 2009
By Tom Fudge

San Diego's Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine is working to meet a Thursday deadline for a major loan on it's research center. The center will be the most visible benefit to San Diego of Prop 71, which funds stem cell research.

Schools to Do More for Military Students

Aug. 11, 2009
By Ana Tintocalis

San Diego Unified public schools near the Miramar Corps Air Station will share a $2.5 million federal grant intended for programs that could make life easier for military students between deployments.

Government: Schools Need Not Shut For Swine Flu

Aug. 11, 2009
Joanne Silberner, NPR

The federal government issued guidelines Friday to the nation's schools on what to do about the likely return this fall of the new H1N1 swine flu virus. "We can't stop the tide of flu from coming in, but we can reduce the number of people who become severely ill from it," said Thomas Frieden of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.