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Stories for August 19, 2009

Grier "Likely Pick" for Houston Job

Aug. 19
By Ana Tintocalis

Media reports from Texas indicate San Diego Unified School Superintendent Terry Grier is the "likely pick" to head a Houston public school district. Grier has been in San Diego just over a year.

Calif. Already Promoting 2010 Census

Aug. 19
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

Money and clout is at stake for California in the 2010 Census. The count doesn’t begin until next year, but the state is already focusing on San Diego County because it’s ranked as one of the hardest places in the country to count.

San Diego-area Colleges Ranked Best for Vets

Aug. 19
City News Service

Ten San Diego-area colleges and universities are ranked among the nation's most military friendly schools by G.I. Jobs magazine.

RICK STEVES' EUROPE: Highlights Of Paris: Eiffel And Monet To Creme Brulee

Aug. 19
RICK STEVES' EUROPE: Highlights Of Paris: Eiffel And Monet To Creme Brulee Tease photo

Packing the best of Paris into one episode, we scale the Eiffel Tower, then savor classic treats - from steak tartare to creme brulee. We marvel at Monet, Manet and company in the stunning Orsay Gallery. Tracing the sad steps of Marie Antoinette, we relive French history from its bloody revolution to its extravagant belle epoch.

Officials Readying Businesses For Swine Flu Outbreak

Aug. 19
By Kenny Goldberg

Federal officials are advising businesses to take steps to mitigate the effects of a swine flu outbreak later this year. So far in California, the virus has led to more than 1,000 hospitalizations and 105 deaths.

Conflicts Continue For California's Water Politics

Aug. 19
Marianne Russ, CCN

When it comes to the hugely controversial issue of water, Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders agree that quick action is necessary. However that’s about the only thing they agree on.

Kyoto Prize Winner Explains the Benefits of Living in a Diverse Society

Aug. 19
Maureen Cavanaugh

The Kyoto Prize, Japan's highest private award for global achievement, is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Nobel. This year's laureates in Computer Science, Cancer research and Social Philosophy will be honored with a Gala and they will also give lectures at local universities.

Border Patrol Strengthens Area Presence After Agent's Death

Aug. 19
By Amy Isackson

The Border Patrol has beefed up its operations in San Diego in response to the death of an agent last month. The agent, Robert Rosas, was killed while patrolling the border in Campo.

Toll Of War: Broken Hearts, Marriages For Marines

Aug. 19
Tom Bowman, NPR
Toll Of War: Broken Hearts, Marriages For Marines Tease photo

The Marines fighting in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province are facing a tough Taliban insurgency. They're also facing the strain of separation from fiancees, wives and kids.

The Turbulent Tides of Health Care Change

Aug. 19
By Gloria Penner
Tease photo

Would it be hyperbolic to say that Americans grappling with the health care change proposals are more tightly engaged with this issue than with any other domestic issue in the last 50 years? The emotions that charge town hall meetings, radio programs, newspaper editorials, blogs and kitchen table conversations seem stronger and more universal now than they were even during Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society makeover.

Judge Denies Bail Increase in Arson Case

Aug. 19
By City News Service

A judge today denied a prosecutor's request to increase the $2 million bail for a Ramona businessman accused of orchestrating a plan to blow up a rental home he owned to collect insurance money.

Qualcomm Announces Gift to SDSU Science and Engineering Programs

Aug. 19
By City News Service
Tease photo

Qualcomm Inc. donated $450,000 to San Diego State University to support its science and engineering programs, it was announced today.

SDSU Professor Chronicles Apache Kid

Aug. 19
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh
Tease photo

SDSU history professor Clare McKanna talks about the plight of Native Americans in his new book "Court-Martial of Apache Kid, Renegade of Renegades."

High Oil Prices Due to Economic Stimulus

Aug. 19
By Alan Ray, Alison St John

Gas prices in San Diego County have remained flat over the past few days. We're joined on Morning Edition by Phil Flynn, Senior Market Analyst at PFG Best Research in Chicago, and a Fox Business News contributor.

No Easy Answers to Fixing State's Overcrowded Prison System

Aug. 19
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

A bloody riot at the California Institution for Men in Chino left dormitories in shambles, and sent 175 inmates to the hospital. The race-fueled riot was the latest example of the problems that currently exist in the state's overcrowded prison system. We speak to an SDSU professor, and the founder of the Second Chance program about what can be done to fix California's correctional system.

Political Analysis: Town Hall Health Care

Aug. 19
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Gloria Penner

There's been an angry reaction to health care reform at some Town Hall meetings this month. KPBS political correspondent Gloria Penner explores the recent history of public outrage in politics and what forces could be fueling this health care backlash.

Health Co-Ops Touted As Alternative To Public Plan

Aug. 19
Health Co-Ops Touted As Alternative To Public Plan Tease photo

The Obama administration appears to be backing away from the idea that a health care overhaul has to include the option of a government-run insurance program. If this public plan is removed from the bills currently under construction in Congress, it could be replaced by nonprofit health insurance plans run on the co-op model.

Second Summer with Booze Ban Wrapping Up

Aug. 19
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio
Tease photo

Year-round pleasant weather is a hallmark of San Diego. But officially the summer will end in less than a month. Police and some politicians say the alcohol ban at city beaches has been an across-the-board success. But there are still some people who miss the days when you could kick back on the sand with a beer.