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Stories for December 7, 2009

Group Says California Water Myths Distort Policy Debate

Dec. 7
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

A nonpartisan public policy group study shows that myths about California's water problems and their solutions are hindering the development of policies to manage water use.

Virgin Galactic Unveils Commercial Spaceship

Dec. 7
Alicia Chang, Associated Press

The sleek, bullet-shaped spacecraft is about the size of a large business jet - with wide windows and seats for six well-heeled passengers to take a ride into space.

New Law Targets Property Tax Scams

Dec. 7
Marianne Russ, CCN
Tease photo for New Law Targets Property Tax Scams

A new law that takes effect January first will ban a popular property tax scam. But one lawmaker is warning Californians to be vigilant now.

State Lawmakers, Other Elected Officials' Salaries Slashed

Dec. 7
Marianne Russ, CCN

For the first time since anyone can remember, state lawmakers and other elected officials are getting a pay cut, starting Monday.

EPA: Greenhouse Gases Are Danger To Human Health

Dec. 7
Associated Press
Tease photo for EPA: Greenhouse Gases Are Danger To Human Health

The Environmental Protection Agency took a major step Monday toward regulating greenhouses gases, concluding that climate changing pollution threatens the public health and the environment.

Tijuana River Valley Residents Say Border Fence Contributing to Flooding

Dec. 7
By Amy Isackson

Tijuana River Valley residents say the new border fence is blocking drainage channels. Residents say rain is washing dirt from the new fence project into flood channels.

KPBS Radio Holiday Programs 2009

Dec. 7
Tease photo for KPBS Radio Holiday Programs 2009

KPBS Radio will broadcast these holiday specials throughout the month of December. View the complete list of programs and air dates.

Analysis: Chargers Game Against Dallas To Be A Test

Dec. 7
By Dwane Brown, Pamela Davis

San Diego Chargers extend their longest winning streak in three years to seven straight games. Joining us on Morning Edition is North County Times sports columnist Jay Paris.

Unmanned Drones Could Patrol San Diego Border

Dec. 7
Associated Press

Predator drones may soon be scanning U.S. waters for smugglers. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it's buying two Predator B aircraft for sea patrols

Street View: Living Homeless For The Weekend

Dec. 7
By Wendy Fry
Tease photo for Street View: Living Homeless For The Weekend

This weekend I lived on the streets. I lived outside the San Diego winter homeless shelter and I ate, slept, cried, peed, learned, laughed, panhandled and listened to the street all weekend long.

Experiencing Homelessness First-hand

Dec. 7
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

We put a face on what it's like to be homeless through the personal experience of a San Diego journalist.

Winter Storm Drenches San Diego

Dec. 7
City News Service

A strong autumn storm hit the region today, bringing widespread downpours, strong winds and mountain snow while ushering in some typical rainy-day commuter chaos on local roads.

The Battle for Tijuana's Streets Continues

Dec. 7
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

In a follow-up to our special series Border Battle, we look at how the war against Tijuana's drug cartels is going, and why the police chief is a prime target of the drug lords.

Tony Young Presiding Over City's Shrinking Budget

Dec. 7
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Pat Finn
Tease photo for Tony Young Presiding Over City's Shrinking Budget

Tony Young, San Diego City Councilmember for the 4th District, talks about the City Council's accomplishments in the year just past and the difficult decisions and declining service on tap for 2010, as the city's budget continues to shrink.

myKPBS Film Club

Dec. 7
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for myKPBS Film Club

We have just launched the myKPBS Film Club where KPBS members can sign up to receive special benefits.

Report Offers Recommendations For Reducing San Diego's Carbon Footprint

Dec. 7
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

What can be done to reduce San Diego's carbon footprint? Should policies be implemented to make our environmental goals a reality? We speak to the authors of a recent report that recommends policy changes for local buildings and transportation.

For Public, Climate Change Not A Priority Issue

Dec. 7
Richard Harris, NPR
Tease photo for For Public, Climate Change Not A Priority Issue

Nearly 100 world leaders are expected to appear at the global warming talks that open Monday in Copenhagen. This is an unprecedented showing of leadership for the issue. Yet at the same time, public opinion of climate change is souring — particularly in the United States.

San Diego's Independent Budget Analyst Weighs In On Budget Proposal

Dec. 7
By Alison St John

San Diego City Council’s independent budget analyst, or IBA, has looked at the mayor’s proposed budget cuts, and will present her recommendations to the council on Tuesday.

Financial Backing From UC Spurs Construction Of Stem Cell Center

Dec. 7
By Tom Fudge

Construction will begin on San Diego's stem cell center this week, now that financing is in place.