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Stories for February 3, 2009

Culture Lust by Angela Carone

Feb. 3, 2009
By Acarone and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Padres to Get New Owner and CEO

Feb. 3, 2009
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The Padres announced an agreement today to sell the team to an ownership group led by former Arizona Diamondbacks Chief Executive Officer Jeff Moorad. KPBS reporter Katie Orr has details.

Why the Evolution Debate Continues

Feb. 3, 2009
KPBS Public Broadcasting

February 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. His scientific research gave us the theory of evolution which is the basis for our understanding of biology and the origin of all species. Why is there still debate about whether evolution is true? And how are some religious groups chipping away at evolution so that ideas like intelligent design make it into the science classroom? We'll discuss the continuing debate over evolution at part of our monthly series on ethics and science.

A San Diego Company Develops a Test for Down's

Feb. 3, 2009
KPBS Public Broadcasting

As women put off marriage and childbirth to later years, their risk of having babies with Down Syndrome goes up. A San Diego company is getting national attention for developing a blood test that seems to be a very accurate pre-natal test for Downs. KPBS Health reporter Tom Fudge has the story.

Local Realtor and Journalist Discuss Causes and Solutions for Housing Crisis

Feb. 3, 2009
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Host Maureen Cavanaugh speaks to local realtor Matt Battiata, and journalist Kelly Bennett about what's happening locally, and about what the federal government can do to improve the housing market. We also discuss the uptick in foreclosures in the higher-priced neighborhoods, and talk about how the mysterious banks play into the housing situation.

California Has Run Out of Money

Feb. 3, 2009
KPBS Public Broadcasting

California has run out of money. We're joined on Morning Edition by independent Sacramento political consultant Leo McElroy.

Tax Refunds Will Be Delayed

Feb. 3, 2009
By KPBS News and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Starting this week, California's not paying some of its bills. The state is short on cash and that means billions of dollars in tax refunds and other payments aren't going out. But taxpayer groups are lobbying to get refund checks in the mail sooner. Marianne Russ reports.

Tentative Deal Ends Threat of Nurses Strike

Feb. 3, 2009
By Kenny Goldberg and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The University of California and the union representing more than ten thousand nurses have reached a tentative deal on a new contract. Nurses had threatened to walk off the job if their demands weren't met. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

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In Search of Beauty with Artist Jolynn Krystosek at Lux Art Institute

Feb. 3, 2009
By Angela Carone and Culture Lust by Angela Carone

As much as I appreciate challenging conceptual, socially-engaged art, sometimes I just want to see something beautiful. You know what I mean? Something that is meticulously crafted and seductively beautiful. Strip away the politics, the cultural commentary, the explorations of race, gender, and class, and just give me beauty. Now some will argue this is impossible. They'll say there's always a subtext at play, whether intentional or not. If you ask artist