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Stories for January 13, 2009

Trailer Tuesday: My Bloody Valentine 3D

Jan. 13
By Beth Accomando

"My Bloody Valentine 3D" has the right idea. Don't go remaking a horror film that was a classic ("Psycho") or that started a trend ("Friday the 13th") or that shocked people ("The Last House on the Left"). Remake a forgettable, mediocre slasher pic, and to top it off add the gimmick of 3D! I'm serious. That's the right approach. How many people will say, "Oh the original was so much better."

New on DVD: Swing Vote and Appaloosa

Jan. 13
By Beth Accomando and Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando
Tease photo

Kevin Costner is outshined by litle Madeline Carroll in Swing Vote, new to DVD and BluRay today (Walt Disney)

Lung Association says San Diego's Smokefree Policies Fall Short

Jan. 13
By Kenny Goldberg and KPBS Public Broadcasting

San Diego's tobacco control policies get a lousy score in a new report card from the American Lung Association. The city earned a "D" average. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

Supervisor Slater-Prices Discusses County's Challenges

Jan. 13
KPBS Public Broadcasting

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors controls more than a $5 billion budget and serve the county's 3 million residents. We continue our series of interviews with the five supervisors by talking to vice chairwoman Pam Slater-Price about the state of the economy and the challenges the county will face in the year ahead.

Symphony Violinist Plays 300-year-old Strad for These Days

Jan. 13
KPBS Public Broadcasting

The San Diego Symphony celebrates the 300th birthday of the Sir Bagshawe Stradivarius with a special concert. We'll talk with the Symphony's music director, Jahja Ling about the history of this rare and honored instrument, and hear it played by concertmaster and violinist Jeff Thayer.

San Diegans Voice Their Concerns Over the Israel-Gaza Crisis

Jan. 13
KPBS Public Broadcasting

The Israeli-Gaza conflict rages on as the world watches. What can be done to stop the bloodshed in the region? Will peace ever exist in this ancient land? We'll talk with two San Diego professors who cover the Middle East.

Baxter, the Therapy Dog, Brings Love to People During Last Days of Life

Jan. 13
These Days

What kind of impact can cuddling with a fuzzy, brown-eyed therapy dog have on a person who is nearing the end of their life? Why does the unconditional love of a dog have the power to bring joy to someone suffering from the extreme pain caused by a terminal illness? Host Maureen Cavanaugh speaks to the authors of "Moments with Baxter: Comfort and Love from the World's Best Therapy Dog."

A Look at the Effects of the Budget Crisis

Jan. 13
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The California budget crisis has been going on for several months, but some Californian's are still unaware of how this fiscal nightmare may affect them. We're joined on Morning Edition by independent Sacramento political consultant Leo McElroy.

The Clock is Ticking as Lawmakers Work on Budget

Jan. 13
By Marianne Russ and KPBS Public Broadcasting

California lawmakers say they're getting down to the nitty-gritty of budget negotiations. The state is weeks from a serious cash shortage and legislative leaders and the governor met for hours Monday in an effort to work out a deal. Marianne Russ reports.

New Pediatric Clinic For the Underserved Opens for Business

Jan. 13
By Kenny Goldberg and KPBS Public Broadcasting

There's a new community clinic dedicated to pediatric care in mid-city San Diego. The North Park Pediatric Clinic is designed to offer broad access to children from poor families. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

Number of Homeless in San Diego County Rises

Jan. 13
By Katie Orr and KPBS Public Broadcasting

A local organization says the number of homeless people in San Diego County has risen 11 percent in the past two years. That updates the findings of a national report released today that shows the number was actually declining at one point. KPBS reporter Katie Orr has details.