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Stories for July 27, 2009

Many Questions About Death of Border Patrol Agent

July 27
By Amy Isackson

Mexican federal authorities will hold a man they arrested last Friday, who may be tied to the death of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, for forty days. San Diego law enforcement authorities appear to be analyzing whether a man arrested in San Jose is tied to the killing.

Person of Interest in Border Agent's Death Arraigned on Immigration Charges

July 27
By Amy Isackson

San Diego law enforcement officials appear to be assessing whether a man who was arraigned in federal court in San Jose, California on immigrantion charges Monday morning is tied to the killing of Border Patrol agent Robert Rosas.

Tease photo for South Bay Schools Unify Under One Calendar

South Bay Schools Unify Under One Calendar

July 27
By Ana Tintocalis

Roughly 70,000 students in San Diego's South Bay started the school year today, about two months earlier than districts across San Diego County. The early start is a result of the region's two largest school districts coming together in the name of reform.

Community Clinics Will Feel the Pain

July 27
By Kenny Goldberg

Community clinics in San Diego and other parts of California will be taking some major hits in the new state budget.

San Diego Generating Green Power

July 27
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

The City of San Diego is near the top of a federal agency list for using green power to generate electricity.

Tease photo for More Budget Cuts Expected in Schwarzenegger's Line-item Veto

More Budget Cuts Expected in Schwarzenegger's Line-item Veto

July 27
Judy Lin, Associated Press

More cuts to health and welfare programs are expected this week when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issues line-item vetoes before signing California's revised budget.

Tease photo for Orphan Creeps Out Teen Critic

Orphan Creeps Out Teen Critic

July 27
Janeane White, Teen Critic

"Orphan" (opened July 24 throughout San Diego) is a seriously creepy movie! The child of the title is extremely demented. The movie is about this family that has two children and had a still birth for the third. They decided it would be good to adopt a child to give their love to this new child that was meant for their stillborn Jessica. The mother Kate has just recovered from being a serious alcoholic and feels that adopting a child will help her even more. So Kate and her husband John go to the orphanage to choose their new family member.

Tease photo for Highlights of Comic-Con International 2009

Highlights of Comic-Con International 2009

July 27
By Beth Accomando, Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh

The "Twilight Moms" were back complete with camping gear, more than one Hollywood director made their first Comic-Con visit, and the lines were longer than ever! These are just some of the highs and lows we'll explore as we recap Comic-Con's four day celebration of the popular arts.

Why Women's Sports Struggle to Gain Popularity

July 27
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

One decade ago, Brandi Chastain was showing her sports bra to 40 million TV viewers in the Women's World Cup Final. Today, women's professional soccer players are kicking off on Wednesday afternoons for crowds of 4,000. Why has the following for women's soccer decreased? We speak to Union-Tribune Sports Reporter Mark Zeigler about the rise and fall of women's soccer in the United States, and Cal Poly Pomona Sociology Professor Faye Wachs about what it means for female athletics in general.

Tease photo for Chula Vista, Sweetwater Back to School

Chula Vista, Sweetwater Back to School

July 27
By Ana Tintocalis

The official school year in San Diego County typically starts in early-September. But that's not the case for roughly 70,000 students in the Chula Vista Elementary and Sweetwater Union High School districts.

State School Supt. Jack O'Connell Discusses Impact of Budget Cuts

July 27
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

How will state budget cuts affect schools in San Diego, and throughout California? We speak to the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction about the cuts that schools will face, and about the overall health of the state's education system. We also talk to O'Connell about the free summer lunch program that's being offered at local schools.

Former Padre Inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame

July 27
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray, Nick Stoffel

Another San Diego Padre has been inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame. We're joined on Morning Edition by North County Times Sports Columnist Jay Paris.

Tease photo for Role Play Helps Determine Use of Force

Role Play Helps Determine Use of Force

July 27
By Alison St John

The Academy that trains all San Diego’s police officers and sheriff's deputies has added more role playing to the schedule. Role play sessions let trainees explore levels of force that might be appropriate in real life situations. This is important, especially since many recruits come from a military background.

The Latest on How to Cope with Parkinson's Disease

July 27
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Josette Herdell

Nearly one million people are suffering from Parkinson's Disease in the United States. The president of a local neurology group says there are many ways for those with Parkinson's to cope with the disease. He's speaking at a local event aimed at educating patients and their families about the disease and he joins us today to discuss the latest research and treatment.

Some Cities Take their Time with Medical Marijuana

July 27
By Tom Fudge

Politicians in South County want to know what they're getting into before they approve medical marijuana dispensaries.

Getting Prepared for Fire Season

Getting Prepared for Fire Season

July 27
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

San Diego area firefighters are trying to make sure homeowners are prepared for this year’s wildfire season. KPBS reporter Katie Orr says firefighters fanned out around the county over the weekend to distribute safety information.