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Stories for June 5, 2009

New National Counternarcotics Strategy

June 5
By Amy Isackson

The Obama Administration has announced a new strategy to combat drug trafficking across the U.S. Mexico border. As KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson explains the strategy pushes new technology and information sharing.

Daschle Wants to Make History on Health Care

June 5
By Tom Fudge

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle told a convention of health insurance executives in San Diego that health care history will soon be made.

New Phamarcists Shaped By Experience in Vietnam

June 5
By Kenny Goldberg

The fourth graduating class from UCSD's Skaggs School of Pharmacy will receive their doctoral degrees tomorrow. Three of the graduates spent their final clinical rotation in Vietnam.

Tease photo for Obama Uses Trip To Push For Guantanamo Help

Obama Uses Trip To Push For Guantanamo Help

June 5
Deborah Tedford, NPR

President Obama is using his trip to Germany and the Middle East to push for help in resettling Guantanamo Bay detainees, discussing the issue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a private meeting Friday.

Tease photo for PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour

June 5
By Jennifer Robinson

Co-anchored by Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, the nightly broadcast features chief correspondent for arts and culture Jeffrey Brown, chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner, economics correspondent Paul Solman, senior correspondent William Brangham and others who deliver compelling original reporting and newsmaker interviews from the field. PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND anchor Hari Sreenivasan frequently joins the program as a guest anchor and correspondent. This week: PBS NEWSHOUR traveled to Louisiana for a series of in-depth reports on the city, its infrastructure and its people. “Katrina 10 Years Later” kicks off Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, with an online report on an organization that has built playgrounds for the children of the Gulf coast.

Expect Traffic Delays Around Qualcomm this Weekend

June 5
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

The San Diego Police Department is advising drivers to avoid the area around Qualcomm Stadium this evening and throughout the weekend. A Jehovah’s Witness Convention at the stadium is expected to draw large crowds.

Tease photo for Leonard Cohen Live In London

Leonard Cohen Live In London

June 5

Influential singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen performs at London’s 02 Arena during his 2008 UK tour. The program, recorded live on July 17, 2008, features definitive renditions of classic songs drawn from Cohen’s 40-year repertoire.

Study Predicts Illegal Migration From Mexico Will Increase When US Economy Rebounds

June 5
By Amy Isackson

A new study shows migrants from Mexico are willing to brave tougher border enforcement if they know there's work on the U.S. side. KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson has more on the study from the Center for Comparative Immigration at the University of California San Diego.

Tease photo for The Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Festival

The Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Festival

June 5
By Beth Accomando

The Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Festival kicks off today and runs through Sunday (at the La Paloma Theater, Encinitas Library and Cottonwood Creek Park) and will feature films from around the world. I wish I had time to cover everything and since I don’t here’s a quick preview of the films.

Can San Diego Eliminate the DROP Program?

June 5
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said the Mayor can close the controversial Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) without the approval of pension system members. Representatives from the city's various public employee unions announced they will challenge Goldsmith's legal opinion.

Preparing for Threat from North Korea

June 5
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

Late last week, North Korea detonated a nuclear device, which led to a swift condemnation from the United States and the U.N. Security Council. Since then, the tensions between North Korea and the international community have increased.

How GM Bankruptcy Affects San Diego

June 5
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

In a long-anticipated move, General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this week. The auto manufacturer said it will close 12 more factories, and could cut more than 20,000 jobs.

San Diego Company Provides Beer Waste to Fuel Cars

June 5
Steve Shadley, California Capitol Network

Left-over hops and grain from California's Sierra Nevada brewery could end up in the gas tank of your vehicle.

New Rules Could Hurt San Diego Water Supply

June 5
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

A federal study says California water supply systems are hurting the survival of several endangered fish species. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce tells us that could lead to more water supply restrictions for San Diego.

Navy Broadway Complex Legal Dispute Continues

June 5
By Alison St John

A Community coalition refuses to give up its opposition of a major development on San Diego’s Bay front downtown.

Tease photo for Land of the Lost Loses Teen Critic

Land of the Lost Loses Teen Critic

June 5
Janeane White, Teen Critic

Remember the old Sid and Marty Croft TV show "Land of the Lost" with the rinky-dink special effects and bad ape make-up? Well believe it or not someone decided that there was enough of a fan base and affection for the old show that it merited a big budget Hollywood remake with Will Ferrell. So can "Land of the Lost" (opening June 5 throughout San Diego) possibly appeal to a new generation who never saw the old show. Let our KPBS Teen critic proved the answer.

Tease photo for Thousands of Elderly, Disabled Could Be Left in the Lurch

Thousands of Elderly, Disabled Could Be Left in the Lurch

June 5
By Kenny Goldberg

To cope with the state's $24 billion budget deficit, Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing to eliminate funding for a variety of programs. One of them provides skilled day care services to chronically ill seniors and disabled adults. Advocates say if these programs are shut down, thousands of people will suffer.