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Stories for June 10, 2009

S.D. County School Leader Relives Tough Time

June 10
By Ana Tintocalis

San Diego County Schools Superintendent Randy Ward says school districts from Poway to Sweetwater are struggling to balance their budgets to meet a state-mandated deadline. He says the current situation is making him relive some tough memories of when he was appointed the state's caretaker of two bankrupt school districts in California.

9th Circut Rules DROP Not Vested Benefit

June 10
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

The City of San Diego scored a victory today in the battle over two controversial retirement benefits for union members.

San Diego County Moves Ahead with Medical Marijuana

June 10
By Tom Fudge

San Diego county expects to start taking applications for medical marijuana ID Cards on July 6.

State Democrats Outline Budget Plan

June 10
Marianne Russ - California Capitol Network

State Senate Democrats say they have a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes or eliminating welfare programs and grants to college students. But Governor Schwarzenegger says it won't work. Marianne Russ reports from Sacramento.

Tease photo for Gunman Shoots, Kills Guard At Holocaust Museum

Gunman Shoots, Kills Guard At Holocaust Museum

June 10

An elderly man walked into the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington on Wednesday and opened fire, hitting a security guard before being shot, police and emergency workers said. The guard later died.

Tease photo for America's Test Kitchen: Weeknight Summer Supper

America's Test Kitchen: Weeknight Summer Supper

June 10

Bridget Lancaster shows Christopher Kimball the test kitchen technique to perfectly grilled chicken breasts with tender and succulent meat and golden, crisp skin. Cherry tomatoes taste great but they exude lots of liquid when cut, quickly turning a salad into soup. Bridget Lancaster reveals the test kitchen secrets to achieving a perfect summer salad that delivers a sweet tomato flavor in every bite.

Large Ethnic Disparities in Health Among California Women

June 10
By Kenny Goldberg

African-American women in California fare much worse than their white counterparts in a variety of different health measures. A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation highlights some of the disparities.

Tease photo for Legal Case Against Friendship Park Activist Continues

Legal Case Against Friendship Park Activist Continues

June 10
By Amy Isackson

The legal case against an activist who tried to block construction of the westernmost section of the border fence was continued Wednesday morning. As KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson explains Dan Watman faces trespassing charges in connection with his effort to save Friendship Park.

All They Wanted to Do Was Fly

June 10
By Pat Finn, Doug Myrland

We look into the history of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), who were trained and flew every type of aircraft the U.S. Deployed during World War II, including the massive B-29. Yet they were always regarded as volunteers and were never incorporated into the military as they were promised.

Cutting Classes Used to be Fun

June 10
By Pat Finn, Doug Myrland

The extent of cuts which will have to be made to programs and personnel in city and county schools are coming into focus, as new information on state cuts and school enrollment comes in.

Former FDA Commissioner Says U.S. is Nation of "Hypereaters"

June 10
By Hank Crook, Doug Myrland

Why do American's have such a big appetite for big food? It seems like everywhere you turn nowadays, there's a fast food restaurant offering a new double-bacon-cheese-filled item that you can wash down with a large fries, and a 32-ounce soft drink. We speak to Dr. David Kessler, author of The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, about why he says we've become a nation of "conditioned hypereaters."

Calif. Mayors Urge Schwarzenegger to Spare Cities

June 10
Judy Lin, Associated Press

The mayors of some of California's largest cities on Tuesday asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to avoid undermining local governments as he and lawmakers seek to close the state's $24.3 billion budget deficit.

Good Economic News Drives Oil Prices Higher

June 10
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray, Nick Stoffel

We're joined on Morning Edition to discuss oil prices, fuel efficiency and more with Phil Flynn Senior Market Analyst at Alaron Trading in Chicago, and a Fox Business News contributor.

Tease photo for Conservatives Redraw Plan Of Attack On Sotomayor

Conservatives Redraw Plan Of Attack On Sotomayor

June 10
Liz Halloran, NPR

In the two weeks since President Obama made Judge Sonia Sotomayor his pick for the Supreme Court, outnumbered Republicans on Capitol Hill and conservative activists have struggled mightily over how to mount a credible opposition.

Legislation Could Boost Solar in California

June 10
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

A bill in the California state senate would allow people to who own solar-powered homes and businesses to sell excess power back to utilities. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce tells us under current law utilities now get that power for free.

Fire Setter Program Ramps up Counseling as Summer Arrives

June 10
By Tom Fudge

Half of all arsons are committed by juveniles. And San Diego's Burn Institute runs an education program for juvenile fire setters. Now, the institute has a partnership with the University of San Diego to provide counseling for some of the more difficult cases.

Tease photo for Alternate Movie Venues for the Summer

Alternate Movie Venues for the Summer

June 10
By Beth Accomando

If you're not interested in "Transformers 2" or the next Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, then I've got some options for you beginning with "Evil Dead II" with drinks tonight under the stars at Stone Brewing Co., and vintage movie classics outdoors at Topps Presents Cinema Under the Stars. Listen to my KPBS Film Chat about alternate movie venues or read on for an extended list of films and venues.