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Stories for June 15, 2009

Millions in Stimulus Dollars Prompts a Scramble at City Hall

June 15, 2009
By Alison St John

The city of San Diego is scrambling to meet a tight federal deadline to apply for $12 million for energy efficiency projects.

Local Students and Teachers in Quarantine in China

June 15, 2009
By Kenny Goldberg

36 ninth graders and seven adult chaperons from a Carlsbad private school are being held in quarantine in China. School officials say seven in the group have tested positive for swine flu.

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Thousands Protest In Iran Amid Call For Vote Probe

June 15, 2009
Associated Press

Gunfire from a compound used by pro-government militia killed one demonstrator Monday after hundreds of thousands of opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad massed in central Tehran to cheer their pro-reform leader in his first public appearance since elections that he alleges were marred by fraud.

South Bay School Leader's Performance Evaluated

June 15, 2009
By Ana Tintocalis

Sweetwater's school superintendent met behind closed doors with school trustees yesterday to talk about his performance in the South Bay district. KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis says his critics used that review to submit their own progress report:

Restaurants Offering Deals to Attract Patrons

June 15, 2009
By Doug Myrland, Natalie Walsh

Have you checked out the early bird special lately? We'll talk about restaurants that are offering deals to get people in the door during the recession. And we'll find out where you can get great Mexican food in San Diego.

Can UC Remain the Nation's Best Public University?

June 15, 2009
By Doug Myrland, Pat Finn

The state's funding crisis will affect the University of California's programs and perhaps its standing as the nation's best public university. The question is -- how much? These Days examines what the university means to the state and the nation and the threat lower funding poses to faculty recruitment and access to qualified students.

Sports Update: Lakers Win NBA Finals, Padres Struggle

June 15, 2009
By Doug Myrland, Hank Crook

The Los Angeles Lakers are back on top...for the fifteenth time in the franchises history. Kobe Bryant and the Lake-show proved their dominance last night as they cruised to a 99 to 86 victory over the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals. In other local sports news, the Padres have a new owner, and have drafted a hot high school prospect from Georgia. And former Chargers Quarterback Ryan Leaf is in the news once again, and once again not in a good way.

LA Lakers Win NBA Championship

June 15, 2009
By Alan Ray, Dwane Brown, Nick Stoffel

The Los Angeles Lakers are NBA world champions for the 15th time. We're joined on Morning Edition by North County Times sports columnist Jay Paris.

36 Carlsbad Students Quarantined in China Over Fear of Swine Flu

June 15, 2009
City News Service

Thirty-six ninth-graders and seven adult chaperones from a private school in Carlsbad were quarantined today in China for fear they may spread the swine flu. The Chinese government ordered the group to stay in a hotel in the city of Yichang after a few of the students from Pacific Ridge School had developed sniffles, and one student had experienced food poisoning during their 13-day trip to the Asian country.

Water Industry Convention Flows Into San Diego

June 15, 2009
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

Just how good is tap water in North America? KPBS Reporter Ed Joyce tells us about a tasting competition in San Diego Tuesday. It's part of a major water industry convention.

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Rady's Celebrates Kids with Cochlear Implants

June 15, 2009
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

Rady Children’s Hospital hosted a get together over the weekend for kids who’ve received cochlear implants there. The Cochlear Implant team at Rady’s is working with about 250 families this year. The team identifies children with hearing problems who might be good candidates for the surgery.

Genes Reveal the Risk of Alcoholism

June 15, 2009
By Tom Fudge

Alcoholism runs in families. But identifying genes for alcoholism is not an effective way of predicting the disease.

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Iran's Supreme Leader Orders Probe Of Election

June 15, 2009
Associated Press

Iran's supreme leader has ordered an investigation into allegations of election fraud, marking a stunning turnaround by the country's most powerful figure and offering hope to opposition forces who have waged street clashes to protest the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Netanyahu Endorses Limited Palestinian State

June 15, 2009
Associated Press

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed a Palestinian state beside Israel for the first time on Sunday, reversing himself under U.S. pressure but attaching conditions such as having no army that the Palestinians swiftly rejected.