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Stories for May 8, 2009

Tease photo for KPBS News Continues Expansion

KPBS News Continues Expansion

May 8
Nancy Worlie

While local news organizations are shrinking, KPBS news is expanding its online presence, launching a new television program and celebrating record audience numbers on KPBS 89.5 FM.

Tease photo for Lagoons Not Just for the Birds

Lagoons Not Just for the Birds

May 8
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

Combining education, entertainment and a wide variety of San Diego County wildlife, the 3 coastal lagoons of Carlsbad - Agua Hedionda, Batiquitos and Buena Vista - are hosting the first Migratory Bird Festival.

Merchants See Mixed Results from Diverted Cruise Ships

May 8
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

Merchants in San Diego’s Sea Port Village were anticipating a busy few weeks when cruise ships were diverted here from Mexico because of swine flu. But KPBS reporter Katie Orr found out tourists are picky about where they spend their money.

Tease photo for SECRETS OF THE DEAD: Michelangelo Revealed

SECRETS OF THE DEAD: Michelangelo Revealed

May 8

Throughout his masterful career, Michelangelo glorified the church, etching Catholic ideals into the sculptures and artwork that defined religion for the masses. Now, 500 years after his death, art historian Antonio Forcellino has found evidence of Michelangelo’s involvement with a clandestine fellowship trying to reform the Catholic Church from within.

Tease photo for FRONTLINE: The Madoff Affair

FRONTLINE: The Madoff Affair

May 8

In the mid-1960s, Bernard Madoff tapped money from Jewish businessmen at exclusive country clubs with the promise of steady guaranteed returns on their investments. He then set his sights on Europe and Latin America, brokering deals with powerful hedge fund managers and feeder funds from Buenos Aires to Geneva. Billions of dollars were channeled to Madoff’s investment firm, and his feeders became fabulously wealthy. There were allegations that Madoff was “front-running” or operating a Ponzi scheme, which the SEC investigated several times over the last two decades. Madoff remained untouched until December 11, 2008, when he admitted it was all “one big lie.”

Tease photo for We Shall Remain: Wounded Knee

We Shall Remain: Wounded Knee

May 8

This groundbreaking mini-series establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. On the night of February 27, 1973, 54 cars rolled, horns blaring, into a small hamlet on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Within hours, some 200 Oglala Lakota and American Indian Movement (AIM) activists had seized the few major buildings in town and police had cordoned off the area. Demanding redress for grievances — some going back more than 100 years — the protesters captured the world’s attention for 71 gripping days.

U-T Lays Off Almost 200 Workers

May 8
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

Platinum Equity, a Beverly Hills investment firm, completed its purchase of the San Diego Union-Tribune this week. What will new ownership at the Union-Tribune mean to the community the newspaper serves?

Tease photo for Star Trek

Star Trek

May 8
Janeane White, Teen Critic

The new Star Trek movie wins over a new fan. Read the KPBS Teen Critic's review, and share her excitement about meeting actor Faran Tahir at the preview screening. Plus see who was first in line at the screening.

Escondido's Budget Strategy

May 8

The Escondido city council has adopted a plan to close a $6.7 million hole in next year’s budget

Tease photo for The Acoustical Design of UCSD's Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

The Acoustical Design of UCSD's Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

May 8
By Angela Carone

Percussionist Steve Schick and architect Mark Reddington explain the complex acoustical design in the new state-of-the-art Conrad Prebys Concert Hall at UCSD. The concert hall is the final project of world renown acoustician Cyril Harris and it's positioned to be one of the finest chamber concert halls in the world.

Santa Barbaran Gives Update on Fire

May 8
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray

The Jesusita wildfire in Santa Barbara County has burned hundreds acres, destroyed dozens of homes and forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate. Dozens of San Diego firefighters are helping battle the flames. Joining us on Morning Edition is Mike Marcotte, a media consultant and the former news director of KPBS Radio who lives in the Santa Barbara area.

UC Study Shows Fish Population Could Go Extinct

May 8
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

A new study from UC Santa Barbara finds if steps aren't taken to protect California sheephead fish habitat, there's a chance the entire male fish population could be wiped out. KPBS Reporter Ed Joyce explains.

City Council Sets Water-Use Restrictions

May 8
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

The San Diego City Council unanimously approved a plan that sets restrictions for which days you can water your lawn in the city. What are the specific details of the plan, and how will it be enforced?

Politics of Assault Weapons Ban

May 8
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

There's been an increase in sales of guns and ammunition right now, and suppliers are having a hard time dealing with the demand. How does the increase in gun and ammo sales relate to discussions in Washington, D.C. about re-enacting a ban on assault weapons? &