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Stories for November 4, 2009

County Working On Road Closure Info In Emergencies

Nov. 4
By Alison St John

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts wants information about road closures to be more available in the case of emergency evacuations.

Tease photo for John Fogerty: Live By Request

John Fogerty: Live By Request

Nov. 4

"LIVE BY REQUEST" is a live superstar concert event that redefines the music television experience and is controlled by fan interaction. It is the only television program where viewers actually create the artist’s set list and have the chance to personally talk to their music idol. With the premiere PBS special, "LIVE BY REQUEST" will fully engage viewers across multiple media platforms for the first time via live interactive video requests, call-in requests and text, email and social network requests. "LIVE BY REQUEST" creates a unique connection between artists and fans.

Tease photo for INDEPENDENT LENS: Power Paths


Nov. 4

It’s time to cut our dependence on fossil fuel and pursue renewable energy. But how can it be done? Native-American tribes turn to solar and wind sources to provide clean sustainable energy for cities across the west. Their traditional values regarding conservation and the earth offer real solutions to America’s energy crisis.

Calif. Poverty Rate Would Rise If Housing Prices Were Considered

Nov. 4
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

California’s poverty rate would be one of the worst in the country if housing prices were taken into consideration. A report out this month presents a new way of calculating poverty rates in the United States.

Tease photo for NATURE: Black Mamba

NATURE: Black Mamba

Nov. 4

The black mamba is one of Africa's most dangerous and feared snakes, known for being very aggressive when disturbed. Rearing up with its head four feet above the ground, it strikes with deadly precision, delivering venom that is packed with three different kinds of toxins and is ten times more deadly than needed to kill an adult human. Without treatment the mortality rate is 100 percent, the highest among all venomous snakes in the world.

Tease photo for America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated: Easy Apple Desserts

America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated: Easy Apple Desserts

Nov. 4

Skillet Apple Pie - Apple pie isn't really for everyday occasions -making the perfect filling, let alone a top and bottom crust, requires too many steps. Julia Collin Davison shows host Christopher Kimball, a self-proclaimed apple pie expert, a new no-frills approach that converts apple pie to an everyday dessert. Applesauce Cake - Bridget Lancaster shows host Christopher Kimball how to make this simple snack cake with moist and tender texture and plenty of apple flavor. Equipment Corner: Drip Coffee Makers - What's so difficult about making a decent drip coffee maker? Adam Ried and Christopher Kimball meet in the Equipment Corner to discover which automatic drip coffee makers produce a terrific brew and which model rivals a daily trip to Starbucks.

Environmental Groups Challenge Desalination Plant Approval

Nov. 4
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

The California Coastal Commission has approved the final permit for a proposed desalination plant in Carlsbad. But San Diego Coastkeeper says it will continue challenging the project.

San Diego Among Least Toxic Big Cities In America

Nov. 4
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

A list of America's most toxic cities ranks Los Angeles as one of the worst. Unlike its neighbor to the north, however, San Diego is one of the least toxic cities.

Tease photo for Senator George McGovern Talks About Politics Past And Present

Senator George McGovern Talks About Politics Past And Present

Nov. 4
By Maureen Cavanaugh

Former Presidential Candidate, Senator George McGovern visits San Diego to talk about his book on Abraham Lincoln and his work in progress on the War in Afghanistan.

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Nov. 4
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Gloria Penner

As President, Barack Obama is a target for all manner of criticism both political and personal. But when do allegations against the President, or any public figure, cross the line and become libelous? KPBS Political Correspondent Gloria Penner discusses the protections and limits of the First Amendment.

Tease photo for Duane Michals: Photographer Or Metaphysician?

Duane Michals: Photographer Or Metaphysician?

Nov. 4
By Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh

What if a camera could capture death? Or desire? Or jealousy? More than any other photographer, Duane Michals has spent his career pushing the medium of photography to capture the metaphysical. We'll talk to Michals about what motivates his photography.

California Lawmakers Approve Water Deal

Nov. 4

California lawmakers have passed an $11 billion overhaul of the state's antiquated water system, ending decades of debate over ways of supplying a soaring population while preserving the fragile environment.

Tease photo for GOP Victories Offer A Warning To Democrats

GOP Victories Offer A Warning To Democrats

Nov. 4
Liz Halloran, NPR

It wasn't the anniversary night Barack Obama likely envisioned a year ago, when anti-Bush sentiment and an economic crisis helped propel him to a historic presidential victory. Democrats Creigh Deeds in Virginia and Jon Corzine in New Jersey — two states the charismatic president carried with ease in 2008 — lost their governor's races.

Tease photo for What Changes Have Been Made Since Obama's Election?

What Changes Have Been Made Since Obama's Election?

Nov. 4

Many Americans will remember the election of Barack Obama as one of the most historic moments in our nation's history. It was one year ago today that the United States elected its first African-American president. We'll spend the hour discussing what President Obama has accomplished in the last year, and the major challenges he's faced in trying to achieve his goals for the nation.

Emergency Physicians Issue Guidelines About When To Visit An ER

Nov. 4
By Kenny Goldberg

The American College of Emergency Physicians has issued a new set of guidelines for the public about the H1N1 virus. People who have flu-like symptoms are encouraged to look at the guidelines before going to an emergency room.

San Diego Pension Case Makes It To State Supreme Court

Nov. 4
By Alison St John

A legal scandal that rocked the city of San Diego for years has finally made it to California’s highest court.