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Stories for November 6, 2009

VA In San Diego Addresses Shooting At Fort Hood

Nov. 6
By Alison St John

Therapists at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla are responding to questions about how a trained psychiatrist could have been responsible for the shooting at Fort Hood Army base.

Tease photo for NOVA: Becoming Human: Birth Of Humanity - Part Two

NOVA: Becoming Human: Birth Of Humanity - Part Two

Nov. 6

Part two, “Birth of Humanity,” investigates the first skeleton that really looks like us–"Turkana Boy"–an astonishingly complete specimen of Homo erectus found by the famous Leakey team in Kenya. These early humans are thought to have developed key innovations that helped them thrive, including hunting large prey, the use of fire and extensive social bonds. The program examines an intriguing theory that long-distance running was crucial for the survival of these early hominids

Tease photo for Jump in Jobless Rate Puts Spotlight On Obama

Jump in Jobless Rate Puts Spotlight On Obama

Nov. 6
Kevin Whitelaw, NPR

Economists had been predicting for months that the unemployment rate would soon cross the psychologically important 10 percent mark, but few expected it to happen quite so quickly.

Marijuana Task Force Makes Its Land-Use Recommendations

Nov. 6
By Tom Fudge

Medical marijuana shops will be allowed to locate in any commercial zone in San Diego if the city follows the recommendations of its Medical Marijuana Task Force.

Tease photo for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Hoover Dam


Nov. 6

Rising more than 700 feet above the raging waters of the Colorado River, it was called one of the greatest engineering works in history. Hoover Dam, built during the Great Depression, drew men desperate for work to a remote and rugged canyon near Las Vegas. There they struggled against heat, choking dust and perilous heights to build a colossus of concrete that brought electricity and water to millions and transformed the American Southwest. Peter Coyote narrates.

A Special Burden for Politicians: Liars

Nov. 6
By Gloria Penner

Why hasn't President Obama hauled people into court who accuse him of outrageous acts? He's been the target of a range of charges including allegations about his birthplace, religion, political affiliations, patriotism, tax policies, terrorism, infanticide and attitude toward seniors.

Local Man Killed In Ft. Hood Shooting

Nov. 6
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

A local man killed in the Fort Hood shooting rampage just reenlisted in the Army last month. Army reservist John Gaffaney worked for San Diego County for 20 years. His most recent position was with the Adult Protection Services department.

Free Service That Helps Smokers Quit Reaches Milestone

Nov. 6
By Kenny Goldberg

A free phone service designed to help Californians quit smoking has received its 500,000 call. The UCSD-based help line has been in operation since 1992.

Tease photo for San Diegans Prefer Imported Oranges

San Diegans Prefer Imported Oranges

Nov. 6
By Gloria Penner, Amita Sharma

Even though local farmers produce tons of oranges a year, San Diego residents prefer oranges shipped from other parts of the world.

Coast Guard Holds Memorial For SoCal Crash Victims

Nov. 6
Associated Press

A memorial service will be held for seven Coast Guard members who died last week when their airplane collided with a Marine helicopter off of San Diego.

San Diego High Schools Compete In Solar Cup

Nov. 6
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

Two San Diego High School teams will compete in a solar-powered boat competition for the first time. The schools get started on the Solar Cup Saturday.

Tease photo for Sing Along with Folk-Punk Frank Turner at the Casbah

Sing Along with Folk-Punk Frank Turner at the Casbah

Nov. 6
By Kurt Kohnen

UK musician Frank Turner exploits the commonalities of folk and punk rock and demands that you join in.

Confusion Remains Over IHSS Anti-Fraud Law

Nov. 6
Kelley Weiss, CCN

Some California lawmakers are still scratching their heads over new state anti-fraud rules for in-home care services for the elderly and disabled. And counties say the new law that went into effect this week is causing service delays. The stakeholders met Thursday to discuss the changes.

Orlando Office Building Gunman On The Loose

Nov. 6
Associated Press

Update: Officials say gunman has been apprehended after killing one, injuring five others at Orlando office building. Police are searching for a gunman who injured at least eight people at a downtown Orlando, Fla., office building.

House And Senate Release Health Care Bills

Nov. 6
By Megan Burke, Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

The House and Senate Democrats have released health care reform bills recently. Although, the bills are very similar, finding agreement on a few of the key differences could take awhile. What are the key elements of the House and Senate bills? And, what are the main areas of disagreement between the plans?

State of Calif. Starts Taking More From Your Paycheck

Nov. 6
By Megan Burke, Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

Most workers in California will see a decrease in their next paycheck. The state will add 10 percent to what it already takes from taxpayers in an effort to balance the budget. How will the additional state tax withholdings affect California workers? And, what does this story tell us about the state budget prospects for next year?

SDG&E Wants To Charge More For Using Less

Nov. 6
By Megan Burke, Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

San Diego Gas & Electric wants to charge residents who use the least amount of electricity more than those residents who use the most. SDG&E says the proposed rate change will allow the utility to bill customers for the real cost of electricity. How will the rate change affect your utility bills?

Tease photo for Motives For Military Post Shooting Remain Unclear

Motives For Military Post Shooting Remain Unclear

Nov. 6

A day after a mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, military post killed at least 13 people and wounded 30 others including himself, investigators on Friday sought to learn why an Army psychiatrist might have carried out the assault.