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Stories for October 6, 2009

Tease photo for Trailer Tuesday: The House Of The Devil

Trailer Tuesday: The House Of The Devil

Oct. 6
By Beth Accomando

Since this is the month of Halloween I shall continue to highlight horror film trailers. Plus "The House of the Devil" features Mary Woronov and Tom Noonan, a pair of underappreciated but marvelous actors.

Tease photo for MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! Wallander: Sidetracked

MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! Wallander: Sidetracked

Oct. 6

An unknown young woman sets herself on fire in a field, leading to a search for her identity. Could her suicide be connected to a string of grisly ax murders that are felling members of Swedish high society? And why is the killer scalping the victims? Ominously, a profiler tells Wallander that he should be looking for someone who seems completely normal.

San Diego Gets First Shipment Of Swine Flu Vaccine

Oct. 6
City News Service

The first 28,000 doses of H1N1 nasal spray vaccine have arrived or are on their way to San Diego County and will be distributed primarily to children, health officials said today.

Tease photo for S.D. Council Appoints Medical Marijuana Task Force

S.D. Council Appoints Medical Marijuana Task Force

Oct. 6
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

San Diego is asking a group of people to hammer out rules for medical marijuana dispensaries. The city council today appointed a task force to look into the issue.

Activists Protest Against Anthem Blue Cross

Oct. 6
By Kenny Goldberg

About three dozen people protested in front of the San Diego offices of Anthem Blue Cross today. Protesters demanded the insurance company stop lobbying against healthcare reform.

Tease photo for White House Not On Dalai Lama's D.C. Tour

White House Not On Dalai Lama's D.C. Tour

Oct. 6
Michele Kelemen, NPR

The Dalai Lama began his latest trip to Washington on Tuesday by receiving a human rights award and being feted by powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill. But there was one big gap in his schedule.

San Diegans Get Their First Swine Flu Vaccinations

Oct. 6
By Tom Fudge

San Diego county today gave patients their first doses of swine flu vaccine, in the form of a nasal mist. The vaccinations are being given to a select group of people.

New Rules For Cameras In San Diego Courtroom

Oct. 6
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

A San Diego Superior Court judge is now enforcing new procedures for cameras in his courtroom.

Tease photo for Find Your Inner Keats For This

Find Your Inner Keats For This "Bright Star" Poetry Contest

Oct. 6
By Angela Carone

Acclaimed director Jane Campion's new film about English poet John Keats is a stunner. If seeing it makes you want to write poetry, then you can participate in the film's contest for the winning homemade love letter or most poetic tweet. Alas, "a thing of beauty is a joy forever" has already been done.

Tease photo for Prison Crisis:  Life at Richard J. Donovan State Correctional Facility

Prison Crisis: Life at Richard J. Donovan State Correctional Facility

Oct. 6
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is the only State-run prison in San Diego County. It was built in 1989 and was designed to accommodate 2,208 medium to high-custody inmates -- today more than double that number, 4,680 inmates, call the facility home. What are conditions like for the prison population?

Legal Update: The Mother-In-Law Lawsuit

Oct. 6
By Maureen Cavanaugh

A stand-up comedian gets sued over a mother-in law joke; a jury is made to swear it won't "google;" and a cutback in hiring may signal another Supreme Court Justice is about to retire. It's time to talk about some of the most fascinating current legal issues with These Days legal analyst, Dan Eaton.

Slow Food Movement Aims To Change How We View Food

Oct. 6
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

What is the Slow Food movement, and how is it hoping to change the food system? We speak to Erika Lesser, with Slow Food USA, and organic gardener Loren Nancarrow about the principles of Slow Food.

Tease photo for Legislators Push Early Start For Credit Card Rules

Legislators Push Early Start For Credit Card Rules

Oct. 6
Audie Cornish, NPR

The new Credit Card Reform Act is supposed to protect consumers against high fees, surprise hikes in interest rates and abusive billing practices. The law passed in May and is not set to take effect until February, but some lawmakers on Capitol Hill are pushing to move up the start date.

Tease photo for Teen Girls Embrace The Undead

Teen Girls Embrace The Undead

Oct. 6
Teen Critics

The male KPBS Teen Critics came out in unanimous support of "Zombieland" (opened October 2 throughout San Diego), now the female teens come out in support of the undead as well.

City Leaders Grapple With Record Budget Gap

Oct. 6
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

The people of San Diego will likely see fewer city services in the coming months. City leaders are just beginning to grapple with a record breaking $180 million deficit.

New Baja Police Team To Protect Coastal Tourists

Oct. 6
By Amy Isackson

Mexican officials are looking to the San Diego Police to help train a new team of Mexican tourist police working along the Mexican coast.