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Stories for October 23, 2009

Four Southwestern College Professors Suspended

Oct. 23
By Ana Tintocalis

Four Southwestern College professors have been placed on administrative leave -- one day after a campus demonstration directed at the Chula Vista college's president.

Tease photo for The Buffalo Flows

The Buffalo Flows

Oct. 23

Arkansas’ Buffalo River, born in the Ozark Mountains, is one of the nation’s remaining free-flowing rivers. This program details the “Battle for the Buffalo” — the efforts of conversation groups to prevent damming — and captures the river’s magnificent beauty over four seasons.

Tease photo for The Botany Of Desire

The Botany Of Desire

Oct. 23

Featuring Michael Pollan and based on his best-selling book, "The Botany of Desire" takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration of the human relationship with the plant world — seen from the plants' point of view. Narrated by Frances McDormand, the program shows how four familiar species — the apple, the tulip, marijuana and the potato — evolved to satisfy our yearnings for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control.

Tease photo for NOVA: Family That Walks On All Fours

NOVA: Family That Walks On All Fours

Oct. 23

An intense scientific debate has ignited around a quiet but extraordinary family living in rural Turkey – a family with five adults who walk on all fours. Since bipedality has long been considered one of the defining characteristics of modern humans, such a discovery raises fascinating questions about genetics, society and the evolutionary history of our species. Is this the anthropological find of the millennium or simply a unique medical case? "NOVA" sets out to unravel the controversy and meet the individuals who have captured the imagination of scientists around the world in this moving documentary.

Tease photo for FRONTLINE: Close To Home

FRONTLINE: Close To Home

Oct. 23

Producer Ofra Bikel chronicles how the middle class is faring in this recession through the stories of the people whom she’s come to know at the hair salon she’s frequented for the past 20 years. The film reveals the struggles of a small business owner to stay afloat, her sister’s risk of imminent foreclosure on her Florida home and the various clients whose lives intersect at this New York City salon — from well-to-do bankers to struggling actors, each with a story to tell about how they’re getting by in these turbulent times.

Tease photo for LANDSLIDE: A Portrait Of President Herbert Hoover

LANDSLIDE: A Portrait Of President Herbert Hoover

Oct. 23

Herbert Hoover was a politician and a humanitarian whose legacy has been largely defined by the Great Depression. When he was elected president in a landslide victory in 1928, Hoover had never before held public office. Yet his remarkable humanitarian work and career as a mining engineer, businessman and U.S. Secretary of Commerce carried him to office. When the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929, Hoover’s agenda was derailed by the worsening economic crisis. Despite various efforts to pull the nation out of depression, Hoover’s unsuccessful attempts led to his sound defeat by Franklin Roosevelt just four years after his landslide victory. "LANDSLIDE" looks at the life of the controversial figure through interviews with notable historians and Hoover scholars.

Tease photo for Masterpiece Contemporary: Endgame

Masterpiece Contemporary: Endgame

Oct. 23

A nation teeters on the brink of civil war in this real-life political thriller about the negotiations that led to the end of apartheid in South Africa. Seemingly doomed to failure, the secret talks were held against a backdrop of terrorism, spying, blackmail and escalating unrest.

No Questions Asked At Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Oct. 23
By Kenny Goldberg

Health and law enforcement officials say prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in San Diego. Tomorrow, the County Sheriff's Department is inviting people to drop off their unused and expired prescription drugs, no questions asked.

Tease photo for NATURE: Cloud: Challenge Of The Stallions

NATURE: Cloud: Challenge Of The Stallions

Oct. 23

The continuing saga of Cloud, the wild, white stallion, returns viewers to the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. Cloud is now a confident band stallion in his prime. As he rules the mountains, gathering mares and expanding his reign, the story turns to his two sons. Bolder is his by birth — beautiful and golden, the success of his father and grandfather flowing in his veins. Flint, sired by another stallion, is the colt Cloud raised. Now, Bolder has gathered some mares of his own, while Flint has joined a group of bachelor stallions, young guns roaming the mountains. Who will rise to challenge the mighty Cloud?

Tease photo for Hubert Keller: Secrets Of A Chef: Mustard Madness

Hubert Keller: Secrets Of A Chef: Mustard Madness

Oct. 23

There's a reason that grocery stores have an unending offering of mustards: they offer an exciting dimension of flavor to everything from ballpark hot dogs to the most sophisticated of dishes. Chef Keller shows the fun and ease of making homemade mustard including a number of flavor variations and uses them in two fabulous recipes. Homemade Mustard; Rice-Encrusted Chicken Breast with Mushroom Mustard Sauce; Chicken Mustard Burger.

Bi-National Tijuana River Valley Clean-Up Saturday

Oct. 23
By Amy Isackson

Volunteers from both sides of the US Mexico border plan to haul trash out San Diego's Tijuana River Valley on Saturday morning. Volunteers hope to prevent flooding in the Valley this winter and help keep trash from floating out to sea.

Cuyamaca College Water Garden To Change Hands

Oct. 23
City News Service

Governance of the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon will transfer from a coalition of municipalities to a newly formed nonprofit, it was announced today.

Tease photo for Cirque Du Freak: The Vampires Need Assistance

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampires Need Assistance

Oct. 23
Jesus Gomez, Teen Critic

"Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" (opening October 23 throughout San Diego) is a weird film based on a series of 12 books.

Government Reform Hearings Begin

Oct. 23
Marianne Russ, CCN

A state legislative committee began a series of hearings today on the contentious, issue of government reform.

Camp Pendleton Marines Preparing For Troop Increase in Afghanistan

Oct. 23
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

President Barack Obama hasn't made a decision about whether to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. While the debate continues in Washington, local Marines are preparing for additional deployments to the country. How will the upcoming runoff election in Afghanistan impact the president's decision to send more troops? And, how is the U.S. mission in Afghanistan different from the war in Iraq?

Local Fishermen Worried About Marine Life Protection Plan

Oct. 23
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

A plan to redesign protected areas and improve conservation along California's coastline has caused a lot of concern within the local commercial fishing industry. Regardless of which marine areas become protected, local fishing profits are predicted to drop by more than 30 percent. We discuss the compelling arguments on both sides of the debate.

City Attorney Says No Need For Competition In Outsourcing Plan

Oct. 23
By Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

San Diego's debate over a program to outsource city services took an interesting turn last week. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith issued a legal opinion where he essentially said the city can outsource services without giving current city departments an opportunity to compete for those jobs. What impact will Goldsmith's recent opinion have on the program that was commonly referred to as "managed competition"?

Tease photo for Democrats Push To End Insurers' Antitrust Exemption

Democrats Push To End Insurers' Antitrust Exemption

Oct. 23
David Welna

In the ongoing health care overhaul drama, the Obama administration and the health insurance industry have gone from uneasy allies to bitter adversaries.

Tease photo for 1 Million Pounds Of Trash Removed From San Diego River

1 Million Pounds Of Trash Removed From San Diego River

Oct. 23
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

The San Diego River Park Foundation says it expects to reach a milestone at a river clean-up event Saturday. The group estimates it's removed one million pounds of trash from the San Diego River over the past four years.

Scientists Making Crops Drought Tolerant

Oct. 23
By Tom Fudge

Drought and global warming have inspired San Diego scientists to explore ways to increase drought tolerance in crops. Their research will be published in the journal Science.

Tease photo for Bronson


Oct. 23
By Beth Accomando

“Britain's most violent prisoner” is the subject of the new film “Bronson” (opening October 23 at Landmark’s Ken Cinema).