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Stories for October 29, 2009

Property Crime Falls in San Diego Despite Poor Economy

Oct. 29
By Alison St John

The mid year crime statistics for the San Diego region show property crime has taken an unexpected drop.

Parole Agents To Track Sex Offenders on Halloween

Oct. 29
Marianne Russ - California Capitol Network

Parole agents and law enforcement officers will be out with the trick-or-treaters around California on Halloween. The goal is to check on sex offenders to make sure they’re complying with their parole.

USD Report Lays Out Options To Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Oct. 29
By Alison St John

A new report analyses how San Diego could reduce carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

Tease photo for Calculating The Cost Of The War In Afghanistan

Calculating The Cost Of The War In Afghanistan

Oct. 29
Mary Louise Kelly, NPR

One of the factors President Obama must weigh as he decides whether to send more troops to Afghanistan is the cost — not just in lives, but in dollars. With the economy still struggling, questions exist about how much the U.S. can afford to spend in Afghanistan — and for how long.

Some S.D. County Residents To Get Property Tax Refunds

Oct. 29
City News Service

Nearly 6,200 property tax refunds totaling $2.9 million are being mailed to San Diego County residents over the next few days in light of lower property values, it was announced today.

Tease photo for Simply Ming: Wonton Wrapper/Parsley

Simply Ming: Wonton Wrapper/Parsley

Oct. 29

The fresh taste of parsley pops alongside Chinese wonton wrappers in this week's helping of "Simply Ming." To kick off the season, Ming's mother Iris Tsai rules the kitchen, helping him prepare three tasty dishes. First up, Ming and his mother prepare the perfect appetizer, flavorful Shrimp and Parsley Wontons with a Soy-Vinegar Dipping Sauce that will wow your guests. Then, for a spin on a classic dish, they put together a Crispy Wonton and Salmon Napoleon with Parsley-Roasted Garlic Puree.

From The Ranch To The Dinner Plate: Where's The Beef Coming From?

Oct. 29
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

KPBS reporter Joanne Faryon has been looking into beef. She's learned industrialization and our demand for a big, juicy and cheap steak has created corn-fed, hormone-injected, and fast-growing cattle. Cattle that changes hands and travel thousands of miles before arriving at your local grocery store.

Tease photo for Mexico - One Plate At A Time With Rick Bayless: A Ceviche State Of Mind

Mexico - One Plate At A Time With Rick Bayless: A Ceviche State Of Mind

Oct. 29

Nothing captures the spirit of a day at the beach in Mexico like the fresh seafood cocktail or ceviche. But you don't have to be on the coast to enjoy it. Rick finds a classic version at a favorite spot with the feel of a beachside fish shack - right in the heart of landlocked Mexico City. Then, in search of more "inland ceviche" surprises, he hits the streets and takes us to a major-league marisqueria with a menu to rival any great seafood restaurant in town - all created in a stand no larger than a fishing boat. Rick enjoys the bracing blend of octopus, fish, shrimp and hot sauce known as Vuelve a la Vida ("Come Back to Life," so named because it's a popular a hangover cure). At a nearby fish market, he checks out the catch of the day from both the Pacific and Gulf coasts, and shares tips on the best choices for homemade ceviche.

Court Orders State To Continue Nursing Home Oversight

Oct. 29
By Kenny Goldberg

The California Department of Public Health has been ordered to continue issuing quarterly reports on its oversight of nursing homes. A Superior Court judge says the agency must demonstrate it is investigating complaints in a timely manner.

Local Professors Protest Budget Cuts To Higher Education

Oct. 29
By Ana Tintocalis

College and university professors from North County to the South Bay are staging a large-scale rally today in downtown San Diego. They say budget cuts to higher education have to stop.

Tease photo for Culture Lust Weekend: Halloween Parties, Horror Trailers, And Hippies For Your Tuesday

Culture Lust Weekend: Halloween Parties, Horror Trailers, And Hippies For Your Tuesday

Oct. 29
By Angela Carone, Wendy Fry

Horror Trailers Night at the Whistle Stop, a pop surrealist Halloween party at Subtext, and a groundbreaking play about Nazi persecution of gays. We offer it all here on Culture Lust Weekend. Take a look at your Halloween weekend options.

Tease photo for Furloughs And Overtime = Doubtful State Savings

Furloughs And Overtime = Doubtful State Savings

Oct. 29
By Gloria Penner

It’s not hard to understand the desperation Governor Schwarzenegger must be feeling. After all, his approval rating at 27 percent is just five points higher than the 22 percent earned by Governor Gray Davis just before Davis was recalled from office. In fact, the current governor’s disapproval rating at 65 percent is identical to the percentage of Californians who approved of his performance in 2004. What a rapid descent! He certainly didn’t add to his stature this week when he included an encoded vulgar message in his veto letter to a Democratic assemblyman.

Tease photo for Two Local Chefs Write Cookbook With Worldly Recipes

Two Local Chefs Write Cookbook With Worldly Recipes

Oct. 29
By Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh

Two local chefs who love to travel have written a cookbook called "Flying Pans: Two Chefs, One World." Chefs Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver from the Marine Room restaurant in La Jolla have gathered all of their favorite recipes from around the world and compiled them into a book for you to use at home.

Pelosi: New Health Care Bill Is 'Historic Moment'

Oct. 29
Erica Werner, AP

After months of struggle, House Democrats unveiled sweeping legislation Thursday to extend health care coverage to millions who lack it and create a new option of government-run insurance.

Officials From U.S. And North Korea Hold Dialogue At UCSD

Oct. 29
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Were any breakthroughs made when U.S. and North Korean officials met with other diplomats from Northeast Asia at UC San Diego this week? We speak to the organizer of the Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue about the purpose of the meeting, and what came out of the international discussion.

Tease photo for The Fascinating History Of Halloween

The Fascinating History Of Halloween

Oct. 29
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

We'll explore the history of Halloween, from its humble origins as an agrarian, summer's end festival to the lavish celebrations of today.

Tease photo for U.S. Economy Grows, At Last, But Jobs More Elusive

U.S. Economy Grows, At Last, But Jobs More Elusive

Oct. 29
Kevin Whitelaw, NPR

The U.S. economy might officially be growing again after the most damaging recession in decades, but the pain is far from over. The Commerce Department announced Thursday that the U.S. economy grew a modest 3.5 percent in the third quarter of this year.

Tease photo for All's Well That Ends Well

All's Well That Ends Well

Oct. 29
By Beth Accomando

I have always loved the theater and cursed the fact that I don't go more often. Then I read about plays across the country and across the Atlantic and I get really jealous. But tonight at 7pm you have a chance to catch the National Theatre's production of William Shakespeare's "All's Well That Ends Well" at the Reading Gaslamp Stadium Theaters.