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Stories for October 30, 2009

12,000 People Expected To Race For The Cure

Oct. 30
By Kenny Goldberg

More than 12,000 people are expected to take part in a breast cancer race for the cure in Balboa Park this Sunday. Organizers of the event say it should raise more than a million dollars for breast cancer treatment and research.

Tease photo for Bill Cosby: The Mark Twain Prize

Bill Cosby: The Mark Twain Prize

Oct. 30

This year's special, taped at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, honors Bill Cosby with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. A stellar list of entertainers honors Cosby, a man who has dominated the field of comedy for 40 years. The routines that Cosby performed on his best-selling records in the 60's are still remembered word for word today. His pioneering television programs were huge hits, season after season. His live performances sell out to this day. As a comic writer, actor, live performer and commentator, Cosby has been the gold standard for 40 years.

Search and Rescue Continues For Missing Airmen

Oct. 30
By Alison St John

The Coast Guard is not giving up in its search for survivors of the aircraft crash that occurred off the coast of San Diego last night.

Tease photo for NOVA: Becoming Human: First Steps - Part One

NOVA: Becoming Human: First Steps - Part One

Oct. 30

NOVA presents a comprehensive three-part, three-hour special investigating explosive new discoveries that are transforming the picture of how we became human. The first program, "First Steps," explores fresh clues about our earliest ancestors in Africa, including the stunningly complete fossil nicknamed "Lucy's Child." These three-million-year-old bones from Ethiopia reveal humanity's oldest and most telltale trait - upright walking, rather than a big brain.

Tease photo for Antiques Roadshow: Louisville, Ky. - Hour One

Antiques Roadshow: Louisville, Ky. - Hour One

Oct. 30

Host Mark Walberg welcomes viewers to Louisville, Kentucky, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby. It's also the birthplace of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and Walberg and appraiser Mike Gutierrez head for the Muhammad Ali Center to talk about collecting memorabilia of the former World Heavyweight Champion. At the Kentucky International Convention Center, appraisers are off to the races with such winning discoveries as valuable original cover art for "The Saturday Evening Post" by John Falter, brought by his stepdaughter, who modeled for the illustration when she was five years old.

Tease photo for Masterpiece Contemporary: Place Of Execution - Part 1

Masterpiece Contemporary: Place Of Execution - Part 1

Oct. 30

In 1963, a 13-year-old girl vanished without a trace. More than 40 years later, questions surrounding her disappearance and the hunt for the killer resurface when high-profile TV journalist Catherine Heathcote (Juliet Stevenson, "Bend It Like Beckham," “The Politician's Wife”) begins to unravel the mystery. Based on the novel by Val McDermid, the miniseries also stars Greg Wise (“Cranford”).

Tease photo for NATURE: Born Wild: The First Days Of Life

NATURE: Born Wild: The First Days Of Life

Oct. 30

The most important moment of an animal’s life is its birth. The newborn emerges from dark safety to find anxious parents clucking or mewing. The first hours are some of the most dangerous. This film follows the birth and first days of several species, from marmoset to moose to elephant and gorilla. It is a film of miniature drama and huge spectacle, and comes to some surprising conclusions about human beings.

Tease photo for Is The Stimulus Really Working?

Is The Stimulus Really Working?

Oct. 30
Scott Neuman, NPR

With the recession apparently over, the White House is eager to credit the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that it pushed through Congress in February with putting the economy on the road to a full turnaround.

Tease photo for KPBS Investigates Fast-growing Cattle

KPBS Investigates Fast-growing Cattle

Oct. 30
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource, Gloria Penner

KPBS Investigative Reporter Joanne Faryon traces your beef from the cattle ranches to the feed lots to your dinner plate.

Getting H1N1 Vaccines To The Homeless

Oct. 30
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

A San Diego non-profit is working to make sure some of the homeless population gets vaccinated against the swine flu.

Tease photo for How To Watch The Perfect Halloween Movie For Free

How To Watch The Perfect Halloween Movie For Free

Oct. 30
By John P. Gamboa

With Halloween right around the corner, why not watch some movies to fit the mood? Some classic and recent horror films fit for the holiday are completely free to view or download online. Hook up a computer to a TV or huddle some people around the monitor, because the Internet offers a surprising fare of films ready for the Halloween weekend.

Local Professors Focus On Budget Solutions

Oct. 30
By Ana Tintocalis

San Diego County college professors and public school teachers marched through downtown San Diego yesterday demanding legislators adopt budget reforms and new taxes to preserve education.

Playing Politics With Downtown Library

Oct. 30
By Megan Burke, Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

Should San Diego officials be focused on rebuilding the downtown library when the city is facing a $200 million budget deficit? The editors give you the pros and cons of rebuilding the aging main library, and talk about the battle among city councilmembers over the plan.

Tease photo for Film Club: Good Hair

Film Club: Good Hair

Oct. 30
By Beth Accomando

"Good Hair" (playing at Edwards Rancho San Diego, AMC Mission Valley, and UA Horton Plaza) is comedian Chris Rock's attempt to answer his little daughter's question about "good hair" for African American women. Listen to our discussion on the KPBS Film Club.

Assessing Rebuilding Progress, Future Fire Preparedness

Oct. 30
By Megan Burke, Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

Is San Diego County better prepared for a wildfire than it was in 2007? We discuss local changes in fire preparedness, and the struggles that fire victims are still dealing with. Plus, what else can our community do to enhance fire protection?

City Eases Water Policies, State Discusses More Conservation

Oct. 30
By Megan Burke, Hank Crook, Gloria Penner

Mayor Jerry Sanders announced this week that the city will modify its water conservation plan for the winter. San Diego residents have conserved more than the city expected, and will not be asked to reduce watering to one day a week. Meanwhile, state lawmakers are discussing ways to improve California's water delivery system, and to prevent the state from going dry.

Tease photo for More Swine Flu Vaccine Arrives To San Diego County

More Swine Flu Vaccine Arrives To San Diego County

Oct. 30
By Susan Murphy

San Diego received an unexpected shipment of 78,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine last night, according to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA). About 10,000 of those doses are being distributed directly to the County’s Public Health Centers.

9 Missing After Mid-Air Collission Near San Clemente Island

Oct. 30
City News Service

As many as nine Coast Guard and Marine Corps personnel were missing today after a mid-air collision between a Coast Guard transport plane and a USMC light attack helicopter about 15 miles east of San Clemente Island, authorities said.

Tease photo for Film Club: The Beaches of Agnes

Film Club: The Beaches of Agnes

Oct. 30
By Beth Accomando

The only female director of the French New Wave, Agnes Varda, takes a playful and bittersweet look back at her life in "The Beaches of Agnes" (opening at the Landmark's Ken Cinema on October 30). You can listen to our discussion of the film on the KPBS Film Club.

Eli Lilly Opens Its Biotech Center In San Diego

Oct. 30
By Tom Fudge

A pharmaceutical giant has opened a new biotechnology center in San Diego.

Tease photo for Iraqi Refugees Face A Number Of Challenges In San Diego

Iraqi Refugees Face A Number Of Challenges In San Diego

Oct. 30
By Kenny Goldberg

San Diego County has become the new home for thousands of Iraqi refugees. Many settle in El Cajon and nearby parts of East County, where they confront a new language and a new culture. And many of them carry deep emotional scars caused by years of war.

Tease photo for Werewolves Versus Vampires

Werewolves Versus Vampires

Oct. 30
By Beth Accomando

If you are still pondering what to dress as for Halloween, consider vampires and werewolves. The upcoming release of “New Moon” (opening November 20), the second installment of the “Twilight Saga” looks to reignite that age-old rivalry between werewolves and vampires. But since vampires have been getting all the attention recently, I've decided to highlight some werewolf films that might win you over to the wolfen side.