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Trailer Tuesday: New Moon & The Wolfman

Bloodsuckers Make Way for the Wolf Pack

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Web movie: New moon trailer

Summit recently released a trailer for next installment of "the Twilight Saga" that was little more than a couple shots and a logo. Now they unveil a full fledged trailer (number three i believe if you are counting) for the upcoming November release of "New Moon." And if you can't get enough of werewolves from that trailer, then check out "The Wolfman" remake from Universal.

Unless you live in a cave you should be aware that vampires are all the rage with the "Twilight" books and movies as well as the hot HBO series "True Blood" (which just had its season finale this past Sunday night). Vampires have always been cool and sexy. "Lost Boys" put it best: "Sleep all day, party all night, never get old, never die, it's fun to be a vampire." "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's spin was to turn her vampire tale into something akin to a teen bodice ripping romance -- lots of languid stares but no real sex. "Buffy" placed vamps in the high school milieu but gave it a Valley Girl action spin (which personally is more to my taste).

Meyer's books hit a chord not only with teen girls but with their moms, and now the films look to repeat that success. As the "Twilight" story develops, the sparkling bloodsuckers are being forced out of the spotlight by the wolf pack. That's right, werewolves and vampires are squaring off again with the second film turning considerable attention to the werewolf pack. Most recently we had "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans." But for whatever reasons, werewolves have not caught hold of our popular imagination in the same way that vampires and zombies have. There are been plenty of werewolf films but never a popular trend in werewolves. But this year we have already had "Rise of the Lycans," and Taylor Lautner's "New Moon" werewolf will soon be joined by Benicio Del Toro's "The Wolfman." So maybe the trend is brewing now. We'll have to see. So maybe Lautner's young blood and six pack will be just what werewolves need to make them cool and hip. Check out the studio featurette with Lautner below.

Taylor Lautner Featurette

Web movie: TAYLOR LAUTNER Featurette

The other news on this new installment of "Twilight" is that Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first film, has been replaced by Chris Weitz, who directed the chilly "Golden Compass." We'll have to see where he decides to take the franchise. For now enjoy the "New Moon" full length trailer as well as the trailer for the other lycanthrope film, "The Wolfman" with Del Toro taking on the Lon Chaney role. With Rick Baker doing the visual effects and make up for "The Wolfman," the gore is likely to be much higher than in "New Moon." Thanks to Summit for the "New Moon" trailer, and to Universal for "The Wolfman."

The Wolfman Trailer

Web movie: Wolfman trailer

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