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Stories for September 2, 2009

From Big Business to California Politics: Whitman and Fiorina

Sept. 2
By Gloria Penner
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It certainly looks as though 2010 will be an exciting election year for Californians. As noted in my last blog, both Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are headed for history, as the first Republican women potentially to be nominated for governor and U.S. Senator from the Golden State.

UCSD Working to Build Ocean Observation System

Sept. 2
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

UC San Diego is part of a partnership that is working to construct a network of ocean observation systems.

Chula Vista Little League Champs Get Back-to-School Welcome

Sept. 2
By Ana Tintocalis
Chula Vista Little League Champs Get Back-to-School Welcome  Tease photo

Chula Vista's little league world champions returned to school today. The players were welcomed back by hundreds of screaming students and teachers.

Obama Plans Prime-Time Health Care Address

Sept. 2
Associated Press
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President Barack Obama will deliver a major prime-time address to Congress next week on his plans to overhaul the nation's health care system, opening an urgent autumn push to gain control of the debate that has been slipping from his grasp under withering Republican-led attacks.

Calif. Exit Exam Numbers Up

Sept. 2
City News Service

Seventy-nine percent of San Diego Unified 10th graders passed the English portion of the 2009 California High School Exit Exam, while 81 percent passed the math section, up slightly from the previous year, state education officials announced today.

State Senate Considers Mandatory Maternity Benefits

Sept. 2
By Kenny Goldberg

The California State Senate is considering a measure that would require all health insurance plans to include maternity coverage. The assembly has already approved the bill.

Local Firefighters Say They're Ready for Fall

Sept. 2
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

San Diego Firefighters say they’re prepared for the fall wildfire season and they’re telling the public to be ready as well. The wildfires burning in Los Angeles are a reminder of how destructive a large blaze can be.

Cleveland National Forest To Elevate Fire Restriction Level

Sept. 2
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

The Cleveland National Forest is elevating its fire use restriction level from "very high" to "extreme" Thursday morning. The ongoing drought and fires in other parts of California prompted the move.

Attorney General Warns of Scam Charities Following Fires

Sept. 2
By City News Service

People hoping to making donations to benefit victims of the Southern California wildfires should beware of "sham charities" that often arise to take advantage of major disasters.

Identifying Alzheimer's Early Can Help Slow Advancement of Disease

Sept. 2
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

How can you tell if a family member is showing early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease? And, what's the best way to talk about what your seeing with the affected person? We speak to Dr. Jack Schim about why it is important to identify dementia and Alzheimer's early.

More Than 60 Homes Destroyed in L.A. Station Fire

Sept. 2
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray, Alison St John
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We're joined on Morning Edition by KPBS Metro Reporter Alison St John, who has the latest on the Los Angeles Station Fire.

The Meth Crisis: From San Diego to America's Heartland

Sept. 2
By Maureen Cavanaugh
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San Diego was once known as the "meth capitol of America." The author of the new book METHLAND joins us as we examine the progress of methamphetamine abuse across the USA.

Political Analysis: The Palin Effect

Sept. 2
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Gloria Penner
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KPBS political correspondent Gloria Penner examines the "Palin effect" on the Republican Party. The surprising celebrity of Sarah Palin may be opening the way for other women to become major candidates in the GOP.

Gas Prices Dropping Nationwide

Sept. 2
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray, Nick Stoffel

Gas prices in San Diego County still hover around $3 a gallon. We're joined on Morning Edition by Phil Flynn, Senior Market Analyst at PFG Best Research in Chicago, and a Fox Business News contributor.

Legislation Would Extend Desalination Construction Permit

Sept. 2
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

An opponent of a Carlsbad desalination project is blasting a California assembly bill that would give Poseidon Resources more time to build the plant.