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Stories for September 29, 2009

Bright Star

Sept. 29
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for Bright Star

The chaste, passionate romance of 19th century poet John Keats and his neighbor the practical Fanny Brawne is the subject of Jane Campion’s latest film, “Bright Star” (opened September 25 at Landmark’s La Jolla Village Theaters). You can listen to our discussion of the film of the September edition of Film Club of the Air.


Sept. 29
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for Princess

Last summer I was saddened by the closing of UK based Tartan Films and Tartan Video (which put out my beloved Tartan Asia Extreme). But happily Tartan didn’t vanish entirely. The U.S. company Palisades has acquired the Tartan library and looks to be seeking out a similar brand of films that push the envelope, like their latest Palisades Tartan DVD release of “Princess,” which comes out today.

Strong Currents, Dangerous Waves Possible Along Calif. Coast

Sept. 29
City News Service

A tsunami advisory was issued for the California coast today after a powerful earthquake struck in the South Pacific near American Samoa.

Medfly Quarantine In Escondido

Sept. 29
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio
Tease photo for Medfly Quarantine In Escondido

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has established a 77-square-mile quarantine zone around Escondido to halt the spread of Mediterranean fruit flies.

S.D. Poverty Rate Rising Faster Than Calif.

Sept. 29
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

The number of San Diegans living in poverty is at a 50 year high. New census data released Tuesday shows San Diego County’s poverty rate is rising faster than anywhere else in the state.

Two Bills Could Change California's Individual Insurance Market

Sept. 29
By Kenny Goldberg

Consumer advocates say Governor Schwarzenegger can help reform California's health care system by signing two bills on his desk. One measure would prohibit insurers from charging women more for policies. The other would require all health plans to cover maternity care.

Hispanic Heritage Month Programs 2009

Sept. 29
Tease photo for Hispanic Heritage Month Programs 2009

KPBS will broadcast special programs during the month of October in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2009. View a list of these programs and get schedule information.

Film Club Of The Air: Polanski, Coco Chanel, Bright Star And Paranormal Activity

Sept. 29
By Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh
Tease photo for Film Club Of The Air: Polanski, Coco Chanel, Bright Star And Paranormal Activity

On this edition of Film Club of the Air, we'll talk about the latest developments in the case against Roman Polanski, and we'll review new films about fashion icon Coco Chanel, poet John Keats, and see if newbie director Drew Barrymore's roller derby movie offers some laughs. We'll also get the scoop on a San Diego filmmaker's much buzzed about new film called Paranormal Activity.

No Tsunami Expected On West Coast From Sea Quake

Sept. 29
Associated Press

Federal experts say a magnitude-7.9 quake in the South Pacific is not expected to produce a tsunami along the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia or Alaska.

Calif. Has Used Up 80 Percent Of Its Wildfire Budget

Sept. 29
Steve Shadley, California Capitol Network
Tease photo for Calif. Has Used Up 80 Percent Of Its Wildfire Budget

Cooler temperatures are helping firefighters gain control of some stubborn California wildfires. But state officials say strong winds may create some new challenges for fire crews this week.

Wrongly Convicted Get Help From Innocence Project

Sept. 29
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

We look at how the California Innocence Project has been working to overturn convictions of the wrongly accused for 10 years.

Is Bottled Water Any Better Than Tap Water?

Sept. 29

Many people choose to drink bottled water over tap water because it is supposed to be cleaner and safer. But recent reports show that bottled water often contains contaminants and is less regulated than tap water. We speak with two experts about the many issues surrounding bottled water versus tap water.

GOP Announcing Candidates For 2010 Election

Sept. 29
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray, Nick Stoffel

California Republicans are starting to announce their candidacies. We're joined on Morning Edition by non-partisan Sacramento Political Consultant Leo McElroy.

Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired

Sept. 29
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired

Since Roman Polanski just made the news again in regards to a thirty-year-old case involving allegations of rape and since we discussed the case on Film Club today, I thought I would highlight the documentary "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired." (Originally reviewed August 15, 2008.) You can listen to our Film Club discussion.

Caregiver Sick About IHSS Cuts

Sept. 29
By Amita Sharma
Tease photo for Caregiver Sick About IHSS Cuts

Next month, thousands of San Diegans suffering from an array of debilitating conditions -- from blindness to mental impairment -- will lose help in bathing themselves, cooking or taking their medication. Governor Schwarzenegger cut In Home Supportive Services to deal with the state's budget crisis.

Trailer Tuesday Bonus: Hausu

Sept. 29
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for Trailer Tuesday Bonus: Hausu

The American Cinematheque in LA just screened a double bill of old Japanese horror films: "Hausu (House)" and "Goke: Body Snatcher from Hell." Here are a pair of clips they posted for "Hausu" that so delighted me that I had to share them. Technically these aren't trailers but they are such amazing teases for the film that I think they're appropriate to highlight here.

Trailer Tuesday: Nightmare On Elm Street

Sept. 29
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for Trailer Tuesday: Nightmare On Elm Street

Since we are approaching my favorite holiday of the year -- Halloween -- I thought I'd post another horror film trailer. This time from the upcoming remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street." This would then allow me to rant about horror remakes.