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Teen Review: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

Kimi and Shelby Talk About the New Freddy Krueger

Jackie Earle Haley takes over the role of Freddy Krueger in the new

Credit: Warner Brothers

Above: Jackie Earle Haley takes over the role of Freddy Krueger in the new "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

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Above: Teen critics Shelby Iacometti and Kimi Allen talk about the remake of "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Teen critics Shelby Iacometti and Kimi Allen went to see "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (opening April 30 throughout San Diego) last night and then sat around talking about the film. Check out what they had to say.

KIMI ALLEN: So did you like “Nightmare on Elm Street”?

SHELBY IACOMETTI: No not really, what about you?

ALLEN: Well I didn’t really see the originals so it was scary for me. At the beginning part I was jumping and at the other parts I was kind of like sinking into my chair trying to grab your hand but you know the stupid thing wouldn’t go up so I couldn’t hold your hand. I was pretty scared. I really liked Bryce he was pretty cute.

IACOMETTI: You mean the first guy? That was Dean. Kellan Lutz or something. The guy from “Twilight.” Not the main one. Older brother.

Photo caption:

Photo credit: Warner Brothers

Kellan Lutz in the new "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

ALLEN: Emmet? He’s cute.


ALLEN: I also like that girl from “Melrose Place.” She’s actually a good actress. I didn’t think that she would be able to like pull off the whole scary movie thing but she actually looked scared. It was a pretty good scary movie. I would definitely recommend it for people who haven’t seen the originals. Since you saw the original it’s not going to be as good for you because you’re expecting something better than before. I was expecting for it to be like a total crappy movie but I enjoyed it.

IACOMETTI: I’m not gonna lie it made me jump a few times. That first one I um, hmm. I have to say that I did have a favorite line. It’s not very appropriate but she says, “F--- you.” And he says, “Hmm, that sounds fun but a little too forward for me.” He had a lot of good, well, funny, cheesy lines.

ALLEN: I like how there was a lot of comic relief…

IACOMETTI: Towards the end…

ALLEN: Towards the end, yeah where Freddy got more involved with everybody there was a lot of comic relief so that I wasn’t too scared and pee in my pants or anything. So that was a good one. Yeah and this time you could see like the inside of his face I actually like how…

IACOMETTI: I did like that.

ALLEN: … how far film has come from before. Like there is so much graphic detail now like when she sunk into that was it blood?

IACOMETTI: She fell from the ceiling and there was all that blood. I liked that.

ALLEN: Yeah that was super cool.

IACOMETTI: But in the original Johnny Depp’s in his bed and I don’t know what his character name was but he was in his bed listening to music and he sinks into the bed and all of a sudden this fountain of blood comes out. I liked the blood coming down better.

ALLEN: It’s less cheesy. It’s more like whoa, like I love all the graphics. How was Freddy like different in the original film than he is now?

IACOMETTI: I like how the parents still couldn’t see him. It’s kind of like a whole Santa Claus- Easter Bunny-Tooth Fairy type thing where…

ALLEN: … like all the kids believe in and stuff like that till you’re a certain age because if you think about it like he said that I’m still alive because I’m in your memories, cuase I’m in your memory so even if you were to bring him into real life or you were to kill him in your dream, as long as you remember him he’s still gonna be around.

Photo caption:

Photo credit: Warner Brothers

Jackie Earle Haley in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

IACOMETTI: That’s another thing. In the original she wasn’t able to pull him out. Well she kind of was but he wasn’t like physically out like they didn’t kill him that way. In the original she killed him by not believing in him. You know, “Oh you’re not real.” And so because she doesn’t believe any more, it’s like the Santa Claus thing, he’s gone because there’s no belief.

ALLEN: I would personally recommend this movie like I think I should take maybe my little sister, like other people who haven’t seen the originals. I enjoyed it. So I don’t know about you.

IACOMETTI: I think I would recommend it still. I mean not everybody is going to be as hard of a judge as me but it is a good movie. If I had not seen the original at all whatsoever then I think I would have loved it it made me jump, it was funny, so I’d recommend it. Watch it!

FLIM CLIP: I’m going to give you something that’s going to put you right to sleep… this is going to sting bit.

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