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Stories for January 13, 2010

Roberts Acts On Merriam Mountains Project

Jan. 13
By Alison St John

A majority of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors has voted to give the Merriam Mountains project on Interstate 15 a second hearing. The development is the largest new housing proposal awaiting approval in San Diego County right now.

Tease photo for David Simon's 'Treme' Comes To HBO In April

David Simon's 'Treme' Comes To HBO In April

Jan. 13
By Angela Carone

David Simon, creator of "The Wire," has a new show for HBO called "Treme." It's centered on the lives of musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans. If this teaser is any indicator, I'm going to be a happy girl come April when "Treme" launches.

Tease photo for Stephen Fry In America: Mississippi

Stephen Fry In America: Mississippi

Jan. 13

Stephen spends Mardi Gras in New Orleans, where he encounters a voodoo priestess who tries to heal his recently broken arm, and views the devastation caused in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. He also stops to chat with actor Morgan Freeman about the Delta blues, before following the Mississippi River through Iowa and Chicago, resting in Wisconsin to master the knack of milking sheep.

Tease photo for In Haiti, A Desperate Hunt For Survivors

In Haiti, A Desperate Hunt For Survivors

Jan. 13
Kevin Whitelaw, NPR

Haitians made a frantic search for survivors Wednesday after a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the capital of Port-au-Prince, even as rubble-filled streets quickly piled up with bodies.

Tease photo for Blacking Up: Hip-Hop's Remix Of Race And Identity

Blacking Up: Hip-Hop's Remix Of Race And Identity

Jan. 13

"Blacking Up" explores racial identity through the lens of hip-hop music and culture. The film focuses in particular on the tensions that surround white identification with hip-hop. Popularly referred to by derogatory terms such as "wannabe" or "wigger," the white person who identifies with hip-hop often invokes heated responses. For some, it is an example of cultural progress - a movement toward a color-blind America. For others, it is just another case of cultural theft and mockery - a repetition of a racist past.

Sanders To Talk About State Of San Diego

Jan. 13
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders will try to set the tone for the coming year in his State of the City speech tonight. Sanders is expected to focus on San Diego’s financial woes in tonight’s speech.

Political Analysis: San Diego's Campaign Fundraising Laws Challenged In Court

Jan. 13
By Gloria Penner

The city of San Diego's campaign finance regulations now face a legal challenge. KPBS political correspondent Gloria Penner is here to discuss who filed a lawsuit against the rules and why.

Resident Group Fights Interstate 5 Expansion

Jan. 13
By Alison St John

A group of northern San Diego County residents, PLAGUE, meets tonight to launch a protest against plans to widen Interstate 5 from La Jolla to Oceanside.

What Effect Will El Teo's Arrest Have On Tijuana?

Jan. 13

Analysts who watch crime in Mexico say it's too soon to tell how Tuesday's arrest of a savage Tijuana drug gang leader will play out in Tijuana.

How Has The Mission Changed In Afghanistan?

Jan. 13
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook, Natalie Walsh

How will local Marines be affected by the troop surge in Afghanistan? We speak to local journalist Tony Perry, and Brigadier General Joseph Osterman, about what's currently happening in Afghanistan, and the challenges U.S. forces face in trying to create peace in the country.

No Sponsor For PGA Golf Tournament At Torrey Pines

Jan. 13
By Dwane Brown, Pamela Davis

The annual PGA golf tournament at Torrey Pines gets underway later this month, but it's going without a title sponsor. Joining us on Morning Edition is Tom Wilson, executive director of the Century Club of San Diego.

What Can Be Done To End Human Trafficking?

Jan. 13
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

What can we do to end human trafficking in our community and around the world? We speak to experts about the most common forms of slavery, and what's being done to prevent it in San Diego and throughout the globe.

Mexico Arrests Major Tijuana Drug Gang Leader

Jan. 13
By Dwane Brown, Pamela Davis, Amy Isackson

One of the Tijuana's most wanted drug gang leaders has been captured in Baja. Mexican authorities say he's responsible for much of the bloodshed and violence south of the border in the past few years.

Preview of Mayor Sanders' State Of City Address

Jan. 13
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

We'll explore the issues that San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders faces in the year ahead as he delivers his fifth State of the City address.

Environmentalists Target Pollutants That Harm Hormones

Jan. 13
By Tom Fudge

The Center for Biological Diversity is asking the Environmental Protection Agency to get tough on endocrine disruptors, which harm growth and reproduction.

Tease photo for Counterinsurgency Training Underway At Camp Pendleton

Counterinsurgency Training Underway At Camp Pendleton

Jan. 13
By Alison St John

Thousands of Marines at Camp Pendleton are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan in the next few weeks. Not all of their training involves firearms and explosives; some of it is about learning how to build relationships with Afghans.

San Diego School Trustees Finalize Spending Priorities

Jan. 13
By Ana Tintocalis

The San Diego Unified school board finalized a set of spending priorities yesterday to deal with the district's budget shortfall next year.

San Diego Unified Sticks With Superintendent Model

Jan. 13
By Ana Tintocalis

The San Diego Unified school board finally settled the district's leadership question yesterday. The trustees voted 3 to 2 to stick with having a superintendent.