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Stories for January 19, 2010

San Diego Bound, USS Carl Vinson Assists Haiti Relief Efforts

Jan. 19
By Alison St John
Tease photo for San Diego Bound, USS Carl Vinson Assists Haiti Relief Efforts

The crew aboard the USS Carl Vinson is working around the clock to send supplies to quake ravaged Haiti. The aircraft carrier was diverted from its journey to San Diego where it will be home-ported on North Island.

Stephen Fry In America: Pacific

Jan. 19
Tease photo for Stephen Fry In America: Pacific

Stephen concludes his journey by exploring the Pacific coast. He begins in San Francisco's Chinatown and crosses the Golden Gate Bridge, before traveling through the giant redwood forests of northern California and Oregon. Leaving his cab in Seattle, he joins a whale hunt in Alaska, then heads to his 50th state, Hawaii.

Stephen Fry In America: Nevada

Jan. 19
Tease photo for Stephen Fry In America: Nevada

Stephen explores America's Southwest, beginning with New Mexico where he meets physicists unraveling the secrets of dark matter and eco-house dwellers living "off the grid" near Santa Fe. In Arizona he stays with the Navajo in Monument Valley, travels across Lake Powell aboard a houseboat and takes a trip on a World War Two bomber. In Nevada he meets Mormon missionaries, before heading over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Hundreds Of Homeless Out In The Rain

Jan. 19
By Alison St John

The homeless who have beds in the city’s winter shelter tent downtown are keeping dry, but hundreds of others remain out in the rain.

The Human Spark: Brain Matters

Jan. 19
Tease photo for The Human Spark: Brain Matters

In the third program, viewers literally peer into Alda’s head with a variety of high-tech imaging techniques, looking for his human spark. The unique circuitry that provides us with our most prized ability, language, is closely tied to another unique human skill, our ability to make and use complex tools. In his own brain, Alda finds the site of his ability to figure out what others are thinking. And in perhaps the biggest surprise, he discovers that the essential human spark, our ability to build alternative worlds in our heads — to imagine — lies in a brain region closely related to that used when thinking about others’ minds — and that fires most fiercely when we are doing nothing at all.

'El Teo' Ordered To Prison To Await Trial

Jan. 19
By Amy Isackson

A federal judge in Mexico City has ordered an allegedly savage drug gang boss from Tijuana to prison to await trial on charges that include organized crime.

School Board Leader Takes Issue With Federal Reforms

Jan. 19
By Ana Tintocalis

San Diego Unified chool board president Richard Barrera says linking teacher evaluations to student test scores is one reason the district is not competing for federal Race To The Top money.

New Rules Limit Wait Times For HMO Patients

Jan. 19
By Kenny Goldberg

California has become the first state in the nation to limit how long a person has to wait before they can see a doctor. The new rules will cover some 21 million Californians enrolled in HMOs.

Book of Eli Gets Teen Critic Approval

Jan. 19
Felicia Lomeli, Teen Critic
Tease photo for Book of Eli Gets Teen Critic Approval

"The Book of Eli" (opened January 15 throughout San Diego) is a story about a man in a post-apocalyptic world trying to protect a book. The book is very important and some would kill to have it but he is willing to die protecting it.

9 Still Missing After Smuggling Boat Capsizes

Jan. 19

A spokeswoman with Scripps Memorial Hostpital in La Jolla says another person has died in connection with the smuggling boat that capsized last weekend. A Mexican Consulate spokesman says nine people are still unaccounted for.

Non-Partisan Political Consultant Discusses The California Governor's Race

Jan. 19
By Dwane Brown, Alan Ray
Tease photo for Non-Partisan Political Consultant Discusses The California Governor's Race

The California governor's race is now a little less crowded. We're joined on Morning Edition of nonpartisan Sacramento political consultant Leo McElroy.

Stories Of Indian Women: Resistance, Resilience, and Transcendence

Jan. 19
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

Exhibits at the Mingei International and the Museum of Photographic Arts explore women's issues in India and throughout the world.

New Recycling Laws Take Effect

Jan. 19
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Sharon Heilbrunn

It is now mandatory for everyone in the City of San Diego to recycle. We speak to an official from the Environmental Services Department about the impact recycling has on the Miramar Landfill and how the new policies will be enforced.

Trailer Tuesday: The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

Jan. 19
By Beth Accomando
Tease photo for Trailer Tuesday: The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

I consider myself a zombie fan so imagine my horror when I took a zombie quiz on FaceBook and got stumped at a film called "The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue." View the trailer here.

Siren Near San Onofre Nuclear Plant Was False Alarm

Jan. 19
Associated Press

Authorities say a warning siren that went off near the San Onofre nuclear power plant was a false alarm.

School Board President Discusses Budget Shortfall, Supt. Search

Jan. 19
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Why does the San Diego Unified School District board want to remake the district's budget from scratch? We speak to the school board president about the budget plan, the search for a new superintendent, and the district's decision not to go after Race To The Top federal education grants.

Legal Update: US Supreme Court Cases

Jan. 19
By Maureen Cavanaugh

The US Supreme Court has reconvened for its 2010 session. The Court has already stopped the broadcast of California's Prop 8 trial. And now, we await a major ruling on campaign finance laws. These Days legal analyst Dan Eaton discusses these recent cases.

Help On Horizon As Haitians Fight To Survive

Jan. 19
Liz Halloran, NPR
Tease photo for Help On Horizon As Haitians Fight To Survive

Plans were forged Monday for a food distribution system and "humanitarian corridors" to ease the flow of aid to starving Haitians, six days after an earthquake tore through the heart of the Caribbean nation. Meanwhile, more U.S. Marines began to arrive, poised to help move aid and maintain order.

2nd Storm Pounds San Diego

Jan. 19
City News Service
Tease photo for 2nd Storm Pounds San Diego

A second round of strong rainfall in as many days saturated the San Diego area today, bringing more moisture to the drought-weary region while raising concerns of mudslides and flash floods and prompting tornado warnings for parts of the county.

Golden State Officially In The 'Race'

Jan. 19
By Ana Tintocalis

California is officially in the running for the federal government's "Race To The Top" program. Today is the deadline for all states to turn in all the necessary paperwork.