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Stories for January 5, 2010

S.D. Council Recommends Further Review For Medical Marijuana

Jan. 5
By Alison St John

A majority of San Diego City Council is not ready to ask city staff to draft a medical marijuana ordinance.

Tease photo for S.D. Emergency Agency Outlines Top Disaster Risks For 2010

S.D. Emergency Agency Outlines Top Disaster Risks For 2010

Jan. 5
By Alison St John

The head of San Diego County’s Office of Emergency Operations outlines the biggest threats to San Diegans’ safety in 2010.

Bill Seeks To Restore Funding For Breast Cancer Screening

Jan. 5
By Kenny Goldberg

A bill has been introduced in the state senate that would restore access to free breast cancer screenings for low-income women. The state has frozen enrollment in the screening program to save money.

Tease photo for Keeping Copper Out Of San Diego Bay

Keeping Copper Out Of San Diego Bay

Jan. 5
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

The Port of San Diego wants to eliminate the use of copper-based paint on the hulls of recreational boats in San Diego Bay. The goal is to reduce harm to marine life.

Tease photo for Life In Prison: Glenda Virgil, 23 Years And Counting

Life In Prison: Glenda Virgil, 23 Years And Counting

Jan. 5
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource

KPBS reporter Joanne Faryon interviews 63-year-old inmate Glenda Virgil. Her profile is part of an ongoing look at the aging prison population.

The Ethics of Brain Stimulation to Treat Disease

Jan. 5
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

As part of our monthly series on ethics in science and technology, we'll look at the growing practice of deep-brain stimulation to treat illnesses that range from chronic pain to Parkinson's disease.

Tease photo for Trailer Tuesday: Black Dynamite

Trailer Tuesday: Black Dynamite

Jan. 5
By Beth Accomando

When I saw this trailer for "Black Dynamite" (screening midnight at Landmark's Ken Cinema on January 9) I thought I was watching a Blaxploitation film from the 70s but it's actually a dead-on spoof of the genre. Plus it's the return of the midnight movies at the Ken. Woo-hoo!

Tiger Woods Controversy Affecting The Golfer's Brand Name

Jan. 5
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Why are some companies dropping Tiger Woods from their ad campaigns, while others are standing by the golfer? We speak to marketing experts about the Tiger Woods controversy, and how it has affected his brand name.

Behind The Scenes of National Geographic's 'Border Wars' Documentary

Jan. 5
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Sharon Heilbrunn

A new National Geographic television series takes viewers to the front lines of U.S. Customs and border protection. We speak with the producer of "Border Wars."

Legal Update: New California Laws For 2010

Jan. 5
By Maureen Cavanaugh

The New Year always brings some new laws with it. We'll examine a sampling of the most interesting new laws in California with These Days legal analyst Dan Eaton.

Tease photo for Iraq War Veteran Finds Healing In Singing

Iraq War Veteran Finds Healing In Singing

Jan. 5
By Alison St John

Thousands of young veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan are fighting a private war of their own as they struggle to deal with the aftereffects of combat. Christian Ellis, a former Marine undergoing therapy for PTSD., has discovered an unexpected source of healing -- singing.

Fighting Common Crime A Priority In Tijuana This Year

Jan. 5

Tijuana's mayor has given his police chief a new assignment this year. Mayor Jorge Ramos has directed the police chief to focus on common crime.

Trustees Discuss Pros, Cons Of No Superintendent

Jan. 5
By Ana Tintocalis

The San Diego Unified School Board debated the possibility of running the school district without a superintendent yesterday. It was the first time the trustees considered the issue in public.