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Stories for January 7, 2010

Daybreakers Trailer

Jan. 7
By Beth Accomando
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A film about vampires in which the bloodsuckers don't sparkle and the studio won't screen it for the San Diego press? What's up with that? Since I can't review "Daybreakers" (opening January 8 throughout San Diego) before it opens, let me at least post the trailer for you.

Four Mexican Teenagers Killed In Tijuana This Week

Jan. 7

Four Mexican teenagers are among the more than 20 people killed since Monday in Tijuana. At one high school, gunmen ambushed three teenagers.

San Diego Economic Roundtable Peers Ahead

Jan. 7
By Alison St John
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The University of San Diego hosted a panel of San Diego economists yesterday to assess the outlook for the year ahead. Most of the experts said they believe the worst of the recession is past, but they warned the recovery is not going to be rapid, and some said things may never be the same again

Stem Cell Modification Could Prove Useful For Testing Drugs

Jan. 7
By Tom Fudge

Genetically altering stem cells in order to test new drugs may have become easier thanks to research at U.C. San Diego.

EPA's Stricter New Smog Limit Would Hit Rural Areas, Too

Jan. 7
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Hundreds of communities far from congested highways and belching smokestacks could soon join America's big cities and industrial corridors in violation of stricter limits on lung-damaging smog proposed Thursday by the Obama administration.

The Winemakers: Table Top Display

Jan. 7
The Winemakers: Table Top Display  Tease photo

Following in the tradition of hit reality series such as Bravo’s "Top Chef," "The Winemakers" follows 12 men and women from all walks of life as they vie for a chance to create and launch their own wine label. Set in California's wine country, "The Winemakers" takes viewers inside the making of one of the world's most storied beverages. The contestants plunge head-first into one of the most challenging yet rewarding (and often romanticized) professions to experience every aspect of wine making — from viticulture and enology to sales and marketing. A seasoned panel of top winemakers, educators, columnists and culinary celebrities oversee the true-to-life challenges the prospective wine-makers would face in the real world.

Governor May End In-Home Supportive Services

Jan. 7
By Amita Sharma

Fear is growing over the possibility that Governor Schwarzenegger may end a $5 billion California program that provides in-home care for the disabled and elderly. The move would be part of the governor's effort to patch a $20 billion budget hole.

Watching For Terrorists: Many Names, Many Lists

Jan. 7
Kevin Whitelaw, NPR
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The Obama administration is planning to unveil on Thursday the findings of a swift review of its procedures for placing potential terrorists on a federal watch list after the failed Christmas Day attack exposed continuing gaps in the process.

Schwarzenegger Signs Major School Reform Package

Jan. 7
Associated Press
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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law sweeping education reforms that will let California compete for up to $700 million in federal money. Many of the steps were opposed by teachers unions and other education groups.

Donna Frye Sounds Off On State Of The City

Jan. 7
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Pat Finn

Donna Frye, elected to represent the 6th District on the San Diego City Council in 2001, is termed out at the end of this year. We talk with her about her advocacy of open government, the budget crisis of 2009 and what's next in 2010, both for the city and for Frye herself.

Three Tijuana Students Ambushed

Jan. 7

Three Mexican high school students were gunned down in Tijuana as they were leaving school Tuesday afternoon. The killings come as the battle between drug gangs in the border city is heating up again.

Culture Lust Weekend: Rembrandt's Protégé, Tom Rush And Some Cabaret

Jan. 7
By Angela Carone, Meredith Hattam
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Rembrandt's apt pupil, a Radiohead-approved DJ, Tom Rush, and some dirty dancing. There's a plenty afoot this weekend, and Culture Lust has the deets.

The Best Movies Of 2009 (And A Couple Of The Worst)

Jan. 7
By Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh

James Cameron's "Avatar" may be all the current rage, but according to our critics, 2009 offered plenty of great movies. We'll talk with Beth Accomando and Scott Marks about their picks for the best and worst in film for 2009. We'll also talk about some of the big stories from the year, including a little movie by a San Diegan that scored big at the box office.

The Bible And Homosexuality

Jan. 7
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

We talk to San Diego author Linda Patterson about her self-published book, 'Hate Thy Neighbor: How the Bible is Misused to Condemn Homosexuality.'

Obama Tries To Shift Perceptions Of Terrorism Policy

Jan. 7
Ari Shapiro, NPR
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Over the past year, both the Obama administration and conservative critics have sought to shape public perceptions of the president's national security policies.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and Black Dynamite

Jan. 7
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This weekend if you don’t want to hit the mall theaters you can escape reality with a pair of indie films: "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" (opening January 8 at Landmark's La Jolla Village Cinemas) and "Black Dynamite" (playing midnight at Landmark's Ken Cinema on January 9).