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Stories for July 12, 2010

Tease photo for More Than Skin Deep: Skin Cancer In America

More Than Skin Deep: Skin Cancer In America

July 12

"More Than Skin Deep" examines not only the medical and scientific aspects of skin cancer, but its cultural, historical and social aspects as well. The film reveals how the tanning craze was accidentally popularized by Coco Chanel, how pioneering medical trials for melanoma may revolutionize cancer treatments and how human skin color evolved as a survival response.

15,000 In Home Care Providers Walk Away From Jobs

July 12
John Sepulvado, California Capitol Network

Some 15,000 California in-home care providers are walking away from their jobs. They declined to re-enroll as caretakers after lawmakers put in regulations designed to weed out fraud.

Tease photo for RICK STEVES' EUROPE: Heart Of England And South Wales

RICK STEVES' EUROPE: Heart Of England And South Wales

July 12

After King Arthur country at Glastonbury, we go back in time to prehistoric Stonehenge. We sample hard apple cider in Wells, meet an eccentric lord in the Cotswolds, and visit an evocative ruined abbey in South Wales.

Salsa And Guacamole Linked To Increasing Number Of Foodborne Illnesses

July 12
By Kenny Goldberg

Federal health officials say two of the most popular food items in Mexican restaurants can pack a hidden punch. The Centers for Disease Control says an increasing number of foodborne illnesses nationwide can be traced to salsa and guacamole.

Tease photo for Live From The Artists Den: Tori Amos

Live From The Artists Den: Tori Amos

July 12

The Veterans Room of New York City's Park Avenue Armory set the stage for a private concert by Tori Amos for 100 lucky fans. Described as "Greek, Moresque, and Celtic with a dash of the Egyptian, the Persian, and the Japanese," the room provided a fitting setting for one of the most eclectic and culturally curious artists in music today. Amos performed a career-spanning set featuring classics from her debut "Little Earthquakes" through to "Abnormally Attracted to Sin."

Tease photo for Baseball: The Capital Of Baseball

Baseball: The Capital Of Baseball

July 12

In the seventh "inning" rare newsreel film and interviews celebrate the glorious heyday of New York City baseball with some of its most memorable moments: the "shot heard round the world," Bobby Thomson's home run off Ralph Branca in 1951; Willie Mays' incredible catch in the 1954 World Series; and Don Larsen's perfect game. The highlight of the episode is 1955, when the Brooklyn Dodgers, sparked by Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella, finally win their first World Series, only to be moved by their owner to a new city 3,000 miles away: Los Angeles.

Tease photo for Breakfast Special

Breakfast Special

July 12

Learn new ways to start the day! "Breakfast Special" is a celebration of going out for a morning meal in America. Rick Sebak visits interesting and unusual breakfast spots, from a Cuban cafe in downtown St. Augustine to a mid-western eatery in a shopping center outside Columbus, Ohio. He lets viewers sample pancakes in rural New York state, try "congee" in San Francisco and see what's cooking at the Tin Shed in Portland, Oregon. There's more to breakfast than a bowl of cold cereal.

Tease photo for Carrier: Controlled Chaos

Carrier: Controlled Chaos

July 12

The men and women of the "USS Nimitz" live beneath the runway of a major airport. They sleep on the roof of a nuclear power plant. It’s a perilous environment. Their only bulwark against danger and chaos is to bond with their units on board the ship. The “Shooters,” who launch the jets, have a “Circle of Trust”; the Ordies (ordnance personnel) pride themselves on being a “mafia”; the F-18 squadrons — the Black Aces, the Hoboes and the Marine Red Devils — are tight fraternities.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Garden

July 12
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

What's the summer gardener to do now that July has arrived? We'll talk with garden expert Nan Sterman about getting the most out of your summer garden.

How Does The Ocean Affect All Life On Earth?

July 12
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Why should farmers in the Midwest care about what's happening in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? How might the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico impact the health of the world's oceans? We speak to the author of "Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean."

UFW Will Help Jobless Americans Become Farmworkers

July 12
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

The United Farm Workers is organizing a national campaign aimed at recruiting U.S. citizens and legal residents to fill jobs that frequently go to undocumented farm workers. The "Take Our Jobs" campaign is designed to urge the enactment of immigration reform. We speak to UFW President Arturo Rodriguez about the organization's efforts to build support for immigration reform.

SD Teens Become Bio-Medical Researchers

July 12
By Tom Fudge

Nine students from San Diego's Preuss School will get a taste of medical research this week. They are taking part in a week-long internship at the Sanford-Burnham Institute.

Tease photo for San Diego-Based Invisible Children Worker Killed In Terrorist Attack

San Diego-Based Invisible Children Worker Killed In Terrorist Attack

July 12
City News Service

A San Diego man was killed Sunday by a series of synchronized explosions that ripped through a rugby field where hundreds of people had gathered to watch the final match of the World Cup.

Tease photo for Experts Disagree On BP's Potential Cash Liability

Experts Disagree On BP's Potential Cash Liability

July 12
Yuki Noguchi, NPR

Here's a multibillion dollar question: How much cash will BP need to deal with the colossal oil spill in the Gulf? There's no consensus on this. BP says it has "significant flexibility" to deal with the financial fallout from the spill. But it has yet to seal the gushing well. And if BP is found guilty of a crime, the fines could reach many billions of dollars.

Trash Pick-Up Changes in San Diego This Week

July 12
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

If you live in the city of San Diego the sound of the garbage truck may come sooner or later than you're used to beginning this week. The move is intended to save the city money.

Tease photo for Camp Pendleton Marine Works With Afghan Woman

Camp Pendleton Marine Works With Afghan Woman

July 12
By Alison St John

13,000 Marines from Camp Pendleton are currently deployed in Afghanistan, but not all of them are engaged in combat missions. Major Nina D'Amato is working to promote education and entrepreneurial opportunities for women in Helmand province.

Tease photo for Teen Review: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Teen Review: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

July 12
Marina McBreaty, Teen Critic

The movie "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" (opened June 24 throughout San Diego) is by far my favorite of "The Twilight Saga" so far. The films are based on Stephenie Meyer's books about a young girl torn between a vampire and a werewolf.