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Stories for July 27, 2010

School Board Keeps Parcel Tax Proposal

July 27
By Tom Fudge

The San Diego school board still plans to put a parcel tax on the November ballot, despite a move by the board president to remove it.

City Council Approves $6 Million Contract For Recycled Wastewater Project

July 27

The San Diego City Council today authorized a $6.6 million contract with a construction and engineering firm to build a facility to test the feasibility of using recycled wastewater to supplement San Diego's drinking water supply.

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Video: Best Dancing In The Rain Video Ever

July 27
By Angela Carone

Gene Kelly may be remembered for singing (and dancing) in the rain, but these guys do it beautifully, on a street corner, and without all the technicolor fuss.

Disability Advocates Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of ADA Act

July 27

Disability rights advocates celebrated the 20th anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act at the capitol Monday and made a push to make Disability History week official.

SD Council Member Wants To Link Proposed Sales Tax Increase To Financial Reform

July 27
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

The San Diego council member who killed a proposed sales tax increase Monday is now resurrecting the idea, but the council member's support comes with conditions.

Fatal Small Plane Crash In Oceanside

July 27

A light plane crashed at a North County intersection today causing one fatality. The pilot and sole occupant of a light plane was killed today when the aircraft crashed in a field behind a North County primary school and burst into flames.

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The Future of Comics in the Digital Age

July 27
Aaron Watanabe

Culture Lust contributor Aaron Watanabe gives us one last Comic-Con dispatch, examining the next frontier of comic book delivery.

Sitting Will Kill You

July 27
By Tom Fudge

I used to live in Minneapolis where there was a bar called Stand Up Frank's. People used to say Stand Up Frank's poured the strongest drink in town, and the bar had few if any chairs. Hence the name. Ironically, Stand Up Frank's was onto something when it came to human health.

State Budget Agreement Hold-Up

July 27
By Dwane Brown

Governor Schwarzenegger is suggesting a budget deal might not happen until he leaves office at the end of the year. We're joined on Morning Edition by nonpartisan Sacramento political consultant Leo McElroy.

State Controller Says He May Start Issuing IOUs In August

July 27

State Controller John Chiang says without a spending plan in place, he could be forced to start issuing IOUs as early as August

Governor Schwarzenegger Says State Budget Deal Is Still Weeks Away

July 27

Governor Schwarzenegger says a state budget deal is still weeks away. He even suggested it might not happen until he leaves office at the end of the year.

Information For Job Seekers

July 27
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

Last week, Congress passed and President Obama signed an unemployment extension bill into law. Millions of Americans will be able to access assistance while they look for work but millions more have been unemployed for too long to receive benefits. We discuss where the jobs are in San Diego County and find out about some opportunities for assistance and training for the unemployed.

Legal Update: Changes On The California Supreme Court

July 27
By Maureen Cavanaugh

In our legal update, we examine the legacy of retiring California Supreme Court Justice Ronald George. And, we'll learn about the women nominated to succeed him on the state's high court. We'll also learn the outcome of a lawsuit filed against the San Diego Police Department that alleged excessive force.

Local CEOs Are Optimistic About The Economy

July 27
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh

How are companies fairing in the recession? We'll look at an optimistic CEO survey and whether it is enough to push the economy forward.

SD County Sheriff, DA Get Five-Figure Pay Raises

July 27
city news service

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis each received five-figure pay raises this month. Gore received a raise of $10,400 a year, while Dumanis' annual salary was raised $11,461, making their annual salaries $218,504 and $240,739, respectively.

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College Students Hide Hunger, Homelessness

July 27
Gloria Hillard, NPR

For many college students and their families, rising tuition costs and a tough economy are presenting new challenges as college bills come in. This has led to a little-known but growing population of financially stressed students, who are facing hunger and sometimes even homelessness.

SDG&E Wants Shorter Review For Future Insurance-Related Rate Increases

July 27
By Amita Sharma

A judge could hear oral arguments next month on a request by San Diego Gas and Electric to raise rates to cover higher fire insurance costs. SDG&E also wants approval for an abbreviated process for future insurance-related rate increases.

Tease photo for Recap: Comic-Con 2010

Recap: Comic-Con 2010

July 27
By Beth Accomando

The dust has settled on yet another Comic-Con and it’s taken me a couple days to recuperate from Con 2010 and reflect back on the experience. Here are some favorite memories and photos.

Bill That Allows Over-The-Counter Sales Of Syringes Set To Expire

July 27
By Kenny Goldberg

A law that allows local governments to permit drug stores to sell syringes over-the-counter is set to expire. A bill that would extend the law for eight more years is moving through the state legislature.