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Stories for June 18, 2010

Telephone Cables Make a Good Snack

June 18
John Decker
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Who knew that telephone cables make for a good snack? Apparently, this is an unspoken truth among the greater San Diego rodent community. At least that’s one of the many things I learned one fateful fall morning. The great thing about radio is that you can do it practically anywhere. All you need is a microphone, a couple cables, maybe a pair of headphones... And viola, you’re live! Ah, the magic of radio.

San Diego's Homeless Population Growing

June 18
By Kyla Calvert
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A local agency’s report shows the homeless population is growing in San Diego County despite a decline in homelessness nationally.

San Diego Unified's Superintendent Search

June 18
San Diego Week
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The city school board dances out the candidates for school superintendent. We'll find out what each has to offer to San Diego city schools.

Managed Competition In The City Of San Diego

June 18
San Diego Week
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The gloves are off in the labor versus business battle over union wages for city projects. We discuss the details of the proposed managed competition ballot measure.

Will San Diego Finally Get A New Downtown Library?

June 18
San Diego Week
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As decision time approaches for the proposed downtown library, we ask why the big push for this big new building.

San Diego Explores Transfer of Development Rights

June 18
By Alison St John
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Property values in San Diego County’s unincorporated areas will be affected by a new “General Plan Update” currently in the works. Some property owners are calling for reimbursement, through a process called the “Transfer of Development Rights,” or TDRs.

Unforgettable: The Korean War

June 18
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Unforgettable: The Korean War  Tease photo

"Unforgettable: The Korean War" is a powerful journey with Korean War veterans as they recall their memories and emotions of the war and of America in the late 1940s and early 1950s, when young men from all over the world were being shipped off to defend South Korea against the advancing Communist Army.

Council Endorses SEDC Expansion

June 18
San Diego Week
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Find out who stands to gain from extending the reach and life of San Diego's redevelopment agencies.

Antiques Roadshow: Providence, R.I. - Hour Two

June 18
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Antiques Roadshow: Providence, R.I. - Hour Two  Tease photo

Things are really heating up at the Rhode Island Convention Center, where appraisers discover such tempting treats as a set of dollhouse furniture made in the 1920s by Providence manufacturer Tynie Toys and decorated by students at the Rhode Island School of Design; original production puppets from the 1964 animated film "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer;" and a rare 1908 first edition copy of "Anne of Green Gables," bought at a flea market for about $5 and since stored in an attic, valued at $12,000 to $18, 000.

Masterpiece Mystery! Miss Marple, Series V: The Secret Of Chimneys

June 18
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Masterpiece Mystery! Miss Marple, Series V: The Secret Of Chimneys  Tease photo

Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie) accompanies Lady Virginia Revel to a weekend party at her family home of Chimneys. When an important dignitary goes missing, the search reveals a decades-old murder that might be connected to a mysterious diamond theft.

Violence Reaches New Peak In Mexican Drug War

June 18
Jason Beaubien, NPR
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Over the past two weeks, hundreds of people have been gunned down in Mexico as drug violence continues to escalate. The surge in killings comes as President Felipe Calderon is ramping up efforts to win more public support for the drug war.

New Fire Chief Selected In Oceanside

June 18
City News Service
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The acting chief of the Oceanside Fire Department was named the permanent head of the agency, it was announced today.

NATURE: Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History

June 18
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NATURE: Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History  Tease photo

Thousands of our closest living relatives have lived among us for well over a century, many in solitary confinement. We've dressed and trained them to be like humans, sent them into space and infected them with diseases. An entire population of these captive chimpanzees has been left behind by science, entertainment and the pet trade, their care neglected, their stories forgotten, their records lost. Today, a few dedicated individuals are working hard to give these long-suffering creatures the freedom and sanctuary they so richly deserve.

The Magical Qualities of Canned Tuna

June 18
Gloria Penner
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My first impression of the KEBS offices in late 1969 was the swimming pool. I walked through a rickety gate which linked the edges of a U-shaped two-story drab masonry apartment building which wouldn’t have survived the 2009 Haitian earthquake. The “apartments” housed offices for both KEBS and some State College departments. But it was the swimming pool that riveted my attention. It was ugly, crumbling and a hazard. No lifeguards, no fence, no liability insurance and hot summer nights.

Great Performances: La Danse: Le Ballet De L'opera De Paris

June 18
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Great Performances: La Danse: Le Ballet De L'opera De Paris  Tease photo

For his 38th film, master documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman turns his unblinking eye on one of the world’s leading ballet companies, the Paris Opera Ballet. Cinematographer John Davey’s camera roams the company’s home at the vast Palais Garnier opera house from top to bottom, gliding down chandelier-laden corridors to the theater’s labyrinthine underground chambers, pausing to observe from the sidelines of light-drenched rehearsal studios, then slipping past the plush scarlet seats of the opulent theater to record a dazzling selection of final performances.

Your Favorite Board Games: What Are They?

June 18
By Jen Paton
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Culture Lust wants to know what your favorite board games are from back in the day.

SD Unified School District Receives $2.5 Million Grant

June 18
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The San Diego Unified School District received a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense for programs that benefit the children of military service members, it was announced today.

Unemployment Rate In San Diego Drops

June 18
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The unemployment rate in San Diego County dropped to 10 percent in May, down from a revised 10.4 percent in April, the state Employment Development Department reported today.

State Worker Furloughs Set To End Today

June 18
Marianne Russ
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Today is the last scheduled furlough Friday for California state workers. But it’s still unclear if it’s really the end of the practice.

Superintendent Finalists Give Best Pitch For Top Job

June 18
By Ana Tintocalis
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The three finalists competing to be San Diego's school superintendent gave their best pitch for the job on Thursday. They took part in an unprecedented town hall meeting as the district searches for a new leader.

Gulf Oil Spill Not To Blame For Rising Gas Prices In San Diego

June 18
By Erik Anderson
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The average price of a gallon of gas is up almost three cents a gallon since Monday. An analyst in San Diego says the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not to blame.

Expand Local Redevelopment Agencies?

June 18
Editors Roundtable
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There's talk of expanding the city's redevelopment agencies, the SEDC and the CCDC. The city council approved a plan for SEDC to expand the boundaries of the communities it serves. And, many advocates for a new Chargers stadium are calling for an increase in CCDC's cost cap. We discuss how an expansion of SEDC and CCDC could affect other areas of the city.

Political Battle Brewing Over City Contracting Initiative

June 18
Editors Roundtable
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What's the motivation behind Councilmember Carl DeMaio's "Competition and Transparency in City Contracting" initiative? How would the initiative, if passed, affect San Diego's living wage law? We discuss the arguments for and against what could be the most talked about local proposition on the November ballot.

Reducing Traffic Congestion In North County

June 18
Editors Roundtable
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What can be done to reduce the daily traffic congestion on the freeways that run through North County? We discuss the proposal to widen I-5, the issues with I-15, and how public transportation could improve the traffic problems around the county.

Music: The Ballad Of Billy Joe Shaver

June 18
By Angela Carone
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One of the legends of outlaw country music and a songwriter's songwriter plays San Diego for one night only this Sunday. Don't miss this performance by gifted musician and storyteller, Billy Joe Shaver.

Homeless Numbers Dip, But More Families Suffer

June 18
Pam Fessler, NPR
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New statistics show that the overall number of homeless people in America dropped slightly last year — although the number of homeless families rose 7 percent.