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Stories for June 21, 2010

'Drop The Rock' Bill To Strip State Rock Of Its Title Advances

June 21
Marianne Russ, California Capital Network

It’s a bill that’s easy to make fun of. In the midst of a budget crisis, California lawmakers are considering legislation that strips the official state rock, serpentine, of its title. For one woman, there’s a serious health issue involved.

Calif. Democrats Unveil Budget Plan To Shift Services To Counties

June 21
Jenny O'Mara, California Capitol Network

State Senate Democrats have unveiled their budget plan to dig California out of its $19 billion hole. Their idea is to shift more responsibility to local governments, but fund it, in part with a tax on oil produced in California.

Tease photo for America's Orchestra: Celebrating 125 Years Of The Boston Pops

America's Orchestra: Celebrating 125 Years Of The Boston Pops

June 21

A star-studded celebration of the Boston Pops — past, present, and future — this special anniversary tribute features some of the greatest moments from the Boston Pops’ 125-year history, telling the orchestra’s story — its transformation from summertime entertainment for Bostonians to the national icon and beloved institution of today.

Tease photo for As U.S. Troops Depart, Some Iraqis Fear Their Own

As U.S. Troops Depart, Some Iraqis Fear Their Own

June 21
Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, NPR

In Iraq, the pullout of U.S. troops is picking up pace. By Sept. 1, the number of U.S. forces in Iraq will be pared to about 50,000 troops, part of a massive drawdown to continue in 2011 under an agreement negotiated with Baghdad.

More Benefits From Health Care Reform Coming Down the Pike

June 21
By Kenny Goldberg

Some policy experts say Californians are already getting some benefits from the federal health care reform package signed into law this year. More features will kick in this fall.

Tease photo for NOVA: Kings Of Camouflage

NOVA: Kings Of Camouflage

June 21

Cuttlefish are some of the strangest animals on the planet. These shape-shifting creatures can hypnotize their prey, impersonate the opposite sex and even kill with lightning fast speed. More accomplished masters of disguise than any chameleon, they have a remarkable ability to change their skin color — even their shape — to blend into most any background. NOVA gets up close and personal with these bizarre and amazing animals.

Tease photo for American Masters: Pete Seeger: The Power Of Song

American Masters: Pete Seeger: The Power Of Song

June 21

This first authorized film poetically documents Pete Seeger’s unique experience and contributions. The man who introduced America to its own folk heritage, he deeply believes in the power of song and is convinced that individuals can make a difference. He made a whole generation passionate about playing the guitar and picking the banjo, and got them singing together and using music as a force for social change.

Tease photo for SAN DIEGO'S HISTORIC PLACES: The Military In San Diego


June 21
By Jennifer Robinson

There has been a military presence in the region even before our city got its name "San Diego." First the Spanish Crown would send soldiers and sailors into the harbor dating back to 1542. Then the Mexican Army would take control of the region after Mexico gains its independence from Spain. Through the years, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and the Coast Guard would command a presence in the region in order to protect San Diego's harbor.

Tease photo for 'Don't Feed Our Bums' Bumper Stickers Draw Ire

'Don't Feed Our Bums' Bumper Stickers Draw Ire

June 21
City News Service

A bumper sticker that targets aggressive panhandlers has pitted a head shop against a local blogger in Ocean Beach.

5-Year-Old Boy Drowns On Father's Day

June 21
Associated Press

A 5-year-old Rolando boy drowned on Father's Day in a neighbor's swimming pool, police said.

Cooking To Feed The Navy

June 21
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Julien Pearce

What does it take to cook dinner for 2,500 sailors on an aircraft carrier? We'll look at the history of cooking in the Navy over the past 200 years and dish out recipes for classic military meals.

Tease photo for La Jolla Playhouse's 'Surf Report' Set In San Diego

La Jolla Playhouse's 'Surf Report' Set In San Diego

June 21
By Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh

Del Mar native Annie Weisman has set her new play in her beachside hometown. "Surf Report" is full of recognizable Southern California characters who behave in ways that are funny, surprising, and compelling. We talk with Weisman about her play.

Do We Still Need Payphones?

June 21
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

Has the pervasiveness of cell phones has eliminated the need for many public pay phones in San Diego? We'll find out who uses payphones and where payphones are required by law.

IV Update: Calexico Budget Woes, Voter Turnout

June 21
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Why is the City of Calexico facing a substantial budget deficit? What was the Imperial County's voter turnout in the recent primary election? And, how are residents dealing with the numerous earthquakes the Valley has experienced over the last month? We speak to the editor of the Imperial Valley Press.

Tease photo for California University To Allow Media At Palin Event

California University To Allow Media At Palin Event

June 21
Associated Press

After months of requests from reporters, a California university has agreed to allow members of the media to attend a fundraiser next week featuring Sarah Palin.

Deadline Looming For In-Home Care Providers to Re-Enroll

June 21
By Amita Sharma

California social services officials are urging providers of in-home care for the disabled to re-enroll in the state's program or risk not getting paid for their work.

Tease photo for Are San Diegans Getting Too Much Or Too Little Sun?

Are San Diegans Getting Too Much Or Too Little Sun?

June 21
By Tom Fudge

Protecting ourselves from the rays of the sun seems like a good idea. But there are some real questions about how much protection we really get from sunscreen. And one skin cancer specialist says we may be sacrificing some important protection by rejecting the golden rays.

Arts Community To Brainstorm About S.D. Embarcadero

June 21
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

Representatives from the local dance, theater, music and art scenes will put their collective heads together Monday over San Diego's waterfront.

CIRM Meets in San Diego To Fund New Stem Cell Projects

June 21
By Tom Fudge

California's stem cell institute will meet in San Diego this week. The board members are expected to approve up to $30 million in grants to study how stem cell therapies can overcome immune resistance.