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Stories for November 23, 2010

Insight: A Body Of Law Supports Full Body Scans

Nov. 23
By Tom Fudge

The refusal of a San Diego passenger to submit to an airport body search has added the expression “Don’t touch my junk” to our lexicon, and it’s also raised questions about protecting the constitutional rights of people who fly.

Zapf Names Chief Of Staff

Nov. 23
City News Service

Incoming San Diego City Councilwoman Lorie Zapf named Mayor Jerry Sanders' top governmental affairs aide as her chief of staff today.

High Tech Holiday Travel Time Savers

Nov. 23
By Peggy Pico

High-Tech travel options now allow Lindbergh Field passengers to avoid long lines, and go green. Here is how five airlines use Mobile check-in to save trees and travelers' time.

Tease photo for Tony Young Appears Likely To Lead San Diego Council

Tony Young Appears Likely To Lead San Diego Council

Nov. 23
By Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio

A frontrunner is emerging in the race to be San Diego’s next City Council President. Councilman Tony Young appears likely to win the position.

Tease photo for Forever Plaid 20th Anniversary Special

Forever Plaid 20th Anniversary Special

Nov. 23

"Forever Plaid," one of Off-Broadway’s most popular and critically acclaimed musicals returned for only one night, not to the stage, but to the big screen! NCM Fathom and Forever Plaid Productions partnered to present a hilarious and irresistible event featuring a live red carpet appearance and introduction by the original cast with special celebrity guests followed by a pre-taped 20th Anniversary performance of the musical, "Forever Plaid," starring members of the original Off-Broadway cast.

Tease photo for Please Pass The Stuffing…And The Gewürztraminer!

Please Pass The Stuffing…And The Gewürztraminer!

Nov. 23
Sara Hanson and Markus Roessler

Picking a wine to go with the heartiness of Thanksgiving dinner can be a tricky business. Culture Lust consulted two experts who write a local wine blog and had them craft a handy list of wine options for your Thanksgiving.

Escondido Man Ordered To Repay $1.1 Million Obtained In a Scam

Nov. 23
City News Service

An Escondido financial planner who raided trusts created for his clients was ordered today to repay $1.1 million and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Tease photo for Review:

Review: "The Milk of Sorrow"

Nov. 23
By Beth Accomando

Peruvian filmmaker Claudia Llosa looks to the legacy of sexualized violence in her country in the film "The Milk of Sorrow" (opened November 19 at Reading's Gaslamp Stadium 15 Theaters).

Tease photo for New on Blu-ray: 'America Lost and Found'

New on Blu-ray: 'America Lost and Found'

Nov. 23
By Beth Accomando

I decided why fight it. I am re-dubbing this the "New on Blu-ray" column since DVD is essentially going the way of the dinosaurs. So the best this week is a collection of films from the 60s and 70s.

Chalmers Johnson Dead At 79

Nov. 23

UCSD professor emeritus was famous for "Blowback" book foreseeing Sept. 11 attacks.

Tease photo for Suspicious Item At Trolley Center

Suspicious Item At Trolley Center

Nov. 23
By Nicole Corpuz, Sarah Kovash

Trolley service has been resumed and people are now allowed to enter the previously blocked off areas of San Diego State University's campus after a suspicious item was reported at the transit center.

The California Reapportionment Committee Turns Controversial

Nov. 23
By Dwane Brownand Leo McElroy

The makeup of the California Reapportionment Commission is now under way, but like most political issues in California, it's already turned controversial.

Police To Resume Ticketing Homeless For Sleeping On The Streets

Nov. 23
City News Service

A federal judge approved an agreement that will allow police, under certain conditions, to resume ticketing of homeless people who are illegally sleeping on downtown San Diego streets, it was announced Monday.

No-Contract Smart Phones Hit Market

Nov. 23
By Padma Nagappan

No-contract, affordable smart phones offer an option for to low- and moderate-income shoppers.

San Diego County Expanding Food Aid But Still Covers Less Than Half Of Those Eligible

Nov. 23
By Alison St John

For several years, San Diego had the reputation as the county with the lowest Food Stamp participation rate of any major urban area in the nation. But eighteen months ago, the County Supervisors resolved to do something to get food stamp participation up, and their efforts appear to be bearing fruit.

Forecast For San Diego's Holiday Shopping Season

Nov. 23
By Maureen Cavanaugh

Many economists are hoping for signs this Holiday season that Americans are ready to start spending again. But one local retail expert says it may be too soon to expect a big boost in spending, even though stores will be cutting prices drastically.

Man Tells Story Of Journey From Child Soldier To U.S. Marine

Nov. 23
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

How does a person go from being a child soldier in the Congo to a decorated U.S. Marine? We speak to Tchicaya Missamou about his new book "In the Shadow of Freedom, A Heroic Journey to Manhood and Liberation."

How Are Low-Income San Diegans Faring This Holiday Season?

Nov. 23
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Senior Metro Reporter Alison St. John joins us for an update on food stamp participation in San Diego. And, the chairman of the San Diego Food Bank joins us to talk about the needs of low-income San Diegans during the holiday season.

Tease photo for La Nina:  Dry Weather Ahead for San Diego

La Nina: Dry Weather Ahead for San Diego

Nov. 23
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Pat Finn

Climate researchers say there is a strong La Nina condition brewing over the Pacific, a condition which usually means a wet fall and dry winter and spring. We explore what a La Nina is and what it means for water resources and fire danger this summer.

Tease photo for 2 Dead After North Korea Shells South Korean Island

2 Dead After North Korea Shells South Korean Island

Nov. 23
Scott Neuman, NPR

President Obama pledged Tuesday that the United States would defend South Korea after what the White House branded an outrageous attack by North Korea on its neighbor.

Will the Recession Have A Lasting Impact On Spending?

Nov. 23
By Kyla Calvert, Maureen Cavanaugh

While retailers are crossing their fingers hoping for a boost in sales this Holiday season, economists are trying to figure out if the great recession will have a lasting impact on spending in America. Joining me to talk about the recession's impact is my guest, KPBS reporter Kyla Calvert.

Tease photo for StoryCorps Hosts National Day Of Listening

StoryCorps Hosts National Day Of Listening

Nov. 23
By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh

On Fridays, Morning Edition listeners take a short break from the day's news to hear a snippet of an extraordinary personal story. Some interviews warming the heart, some are deeply sad and some are just plain funny. These tales from Storycorp have become a weekly example of how exceptional so many of our life stories really are. In that spirit, Storycorp is once again asking people to preserve their family stories by taking part in a National Day of Listening, the day after Thanksgiving.

Unemployment Rate Twice As High for Young War Veterans

Nov. 23
By Padma Nagappan

Job prospects are bleak in California for veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tease photo for La Niña May Increase San Diego's Fire Danger Next Spring

La Niña May Increase San Diego's Fire Danger Next Spring

Nov. 23
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio

Climate researchers say a strong La Niña will bring below-average rainfall to Southern California this winter. Water officials say there's enough stored water to get us through next year, but one forecaster predicts La Niña could last two years.