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Stories for September 20, 2010

Tease photo for San Bruno Not Included On PG&E's List of 100 Highest Risk Pipelines

San Bruno Not Included On PG&E's List of 100 Highest Risk Pipelines

Sept. 20
Ida Lieszkovszky, California Capitol Network

Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E, released a list of the 100 highest risk gas pipelines in California Monday. The California Public Utilities Commission requested the release of the 2009 list. That request came after a deadly gas line explosion in San Bruno earlier this month.

Tease photo for Donna Frye's Parting Shot

Insight: Donna Frye's Parting Shot

Sept. 20
By Tom Fudge

At the end of the year San Diego’s most independent-minded politician will be termed out of office. But San Diego city councilwoman Donna Frye gets one more swing of the bat before she is ousted from city hall. This comes on November 2nd when city residents vote on Proposition D, the half-cent sales tax increase that’s tied to financial reform.

Tease photo for MASTERPIECE CLASSIC: Return To Cranford


Sept. 20
By Jennifer Robinson

Dame Judi Dench returns in the two-part sequel to the Emmy-nominated "Cranford" mini-series, based on the novels of Elizabeth Gaskell. Imelda Staunton, Francesca Annis and Julia McKenzie rejoin the cast in the acclaimed story of everyday life in a small Cheshire market town.

Tease photo for SECRETS OF THE DEAD: Irish Escape


Sept. 20

"Irish Escape" revisits the story of what has been called the most outrageous escape story in the history of the high seas. In 1876, after eight years of incarceration at Fremantle Prison in Western Australia, six Irish political prisoners escaped on board the American whaler Catalpa. Under the pretext of a whaling voyage, the "Catalpa" and its unassuming captain, George Smith Anthony, had sailed from New Bedford to liberate the prisoners. This program explores the swashbuckling details of the dramatic rescue through re-enactments.

Tease photo for American Masters: Orozco: Man Of Fire

American Masters: Orozco: Man Of Fire

Sept. 20

In "Orozco: Man Of Fire," directors Laurie Coyle and Rick Tejada-Flores create a visually arresting and whimsical documentary portrait of Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco (1883-1949), whose dramatic life, iconoclastic personality and dynamic painting changed the way we see art and politics. Shot in widescreen High Definition video on location in Mexico and the United States. Narrated by Anjelica Huston, with award winning Mexican actor Damián Alcázar as the voice of Orozco.

Tease photo for Mitt Romney Could Be The Hillary Clinton Of 2012

Mitt Romney Could Be The Hillary Clinton Of 2012

Sept. 20
Ron Elving, NPR

ANALYSIS: The former Massachusetts governor, an early frontrunner for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, must be hearing tea cups as he tries to set the stage for his next presidential bid. Is the Republican riptide he reasonably expected to ride rushing past him instead?

SD Researchers To Scour The Ocean For Treatments For Biological Warfare Weapons

Sept. 20
City News Service

San Diego-based biotech firm Trius Therapeutics will team with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego to scour the ocean depths for treatments for biological warfare weapons, it was announced today.

UCSD Welcoming Record Number Of Transfer Students

Sept. 20
City News Service

A record 2,600 transfer students will join 3,950 incoming freshmen when the fall session opens at UC San Diego on Thursday, it was announced today.

Calif. Sect Found In Park After Tense Hunt

Sept. 20
JACOB ADELMAN, Associated Press

Families of the missing fretted. Deputies fanned out across the high desert on horses and in helicopters. Neighbors marveled at the commotion of patrol cars and satellite trucks that appeared suddenly in their quiet streets.

Tease photo for Recession Ended in June 2009, Group Says

Recession Ended in June 2009, Group Says

Sept. 20

The longest recession the country has endured since World War II ended in June 2009, according to a group that dates the beginning and end of recessions.

Local Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Sept. 20
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook

Most Americans are aware of the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but how many of us truly understand its history and the challenges to resolving the conflict in a peaceful, equitable way? We will spend an hour speaking to local advocates on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and taking your calls.

San Diego Chargers Win Home Opener

Sept. 20
By Dwane Brown, Nick Stoffel

The San Diego Chargers won convincingly Sunday afternoon at the Q, but many fans didn't get to see it live.

Tease photo for Review: 'Soul Kitchen'

Review: 'Soul Kitchen'

Sept. 20
By Beth Accomando

German-Turkish filmmaker Fatih Akin lightens his tone for “Soul Kitchen” (opened September 17 at Landmark’s Hillcrest Cinemas).

UCSD Study Suggests Link Between Cold Virus And Childhood Obesity

Sept. 20
By Kenny Goldberg

New research from UCSD suggests childhood obesity may be linked to a common viral infection. The study offers support for an idea that's been gaining traction in the scientific community.

Summer Sports Clinic Sees Disabled Veterans In Action

Sept. 20
By Tom Fudge

Disabled veterans will be biking, surfing and kayaking in San Diego this week as the VA hosts its annual adaptive sports clinic.

Protests Planned Over Child Prostitution

Sept. 20
By Amita Sharma

A nationwide series of protests against child prostitution will kick off this week in Sacramento and in San Diego. San Diego is considered a top destination for sexual predators.

Tease photo for Do You Want To Legalize Pot In CA?

Do You Want To Legalize Pot In CA?

Sept. 20
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource

California voters will be asked whether they want marijuana legalized on November 2. The outcome could have longer-lasting and further-reaching affects than anything else you’ll be asked to vote on this November, including choosing a new governor and deciding who you’ll send to the Senate.

Tease photo for The Fight To Save Young Lives In San Diego's Inner City

The Fight To Save Young Lives In San Diego's Inner City

Sept. 20
By Ana Tintocalis

There are close to 90 documented gangs in the city of San Diego. More than half of those gangs are in the mid-city and south eastern communities. In the first part of an ongoing KPBS series called San Diego Gang Stories, we focus on how police and residents in these neighborhoods are conducting curfew sweeps to save young lives.