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Stories for June 21, 2011

City Council Launches Hi-Tech Committee

June 21
By Peggy Pico
Tease photo for City Council Launches Hi-Tech Committee

San Diego City Council wants to go high-tech and they want the public's help.

United Way To Recruit 10,000 Local Volunteers

June 21
Sasha Doppelt
Tease photo for United Way To Recruit 10,000 Local Volunteers

The San Diego non-profit hopes to alleviate the college dropout rate with increased tutoring and mentoring efforts.

The Journey To Palomar

June 21
Tease photo for The Journey To Palomar

"The Journey To Palomar" is the story of American astronomer George Ellery Hale's dramatic public and private struggle to build the four largest telescopes in the world, which set the stage for astronomy and space exploration throughout the 20th century, revealing the greatest discoveries since Galileo and Copernicus. More than five years in the making, the documentary traces Hale's lifelong struggle to build these great instruments, culminating with the million-pound telescope on Palomar mountain - the most famous telescope in the world.

Family Of Slain Border Patrol Agent Seeks To Sue United States

June 21
By Michel Marizco
Tease photo for Family Of Slain Border Patrol Agent Seeks To Sue United States

"Clearly the concern is that a weapon, two weapons, were found at the homicide scene where Brian Terry was murdered and that those weapons had been part of Operation Fast and Furious."

An Alternative To Comic-Con

June 21
By Angela Carone
Tease photo for An Alternative To Comic-Con

A smaller, alternative comics/arts convention will be held across the street from Comic-Con International. It's called Tr!ckster and it has some big names behind it.

NOVA: Space Shuttle Disaster

June 21
Tease photo for NOVA: Space Shuttle Disaster

At the end of a nearly flawless 15-day mission in early 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during reentry into Earth's atmosphere, killing the crew of seven men and women. In this documentary, NOVA probes the accident and the decisions stretching back four decades that made the tragedy almost inevitable. It offers a penetrating look at the history of the shuttle program and the political pressures that made the shuttle a highly complex engineering compromise, which fell short of its ambitious goal to make space travel routine, cheap, and safe.

NOVA scienceNOW: Leeches; SETI; Stem Cells Breakthrough; Edith Widder

June 21
Tease photo for NOVA scienceNOW: Leeches; SETI; Stem Cells Breakthrough; Edith Widder

Leeches are hermaphrodites and exist in countless species and ecological niches throughout nature. You'll gain new respect for these fascinating little creatures and never use their name in vain again. SETI - the search for extraterrestrial intelligence - has just expanded big-time to begin the systematic survey of millions of star systems for signs of advanced civilizations. Learn more about this impressive new effort, called the Allen Telescope Array. Then, building on the Japanese discovery, U.S. researchers have since been creating these stem cells from human skin cells, with the hopes of possibly using these cells to understand diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. And go for a deep-sea dive with a scientist who is seeing things never before recorded on the ocean floor.

Insight: Walking To School

June 21
By Tom Fudge
Tease photo for Walking To School

Back in my day parents weren't chauffeurs. We walked to school!

Controller Halts Pay For California Lawmakers

June 21
Associated Press

California state Controller John Chiang is halting pay for state lawmakers, saying their budget plan was not balanced.

A Forecast For San Diego Fire Season

June 21
Midday Edition

Will this be another cool, grey summer? Or will it be hot and dry as a bone? On this first day of summer, we'll try to get some idea about the dangers of this year's fire season in San Diego.

What Will Become Of The Surfing Madonna?

June 21
Midday Edition

The Encinitas City Council says the Surfing Madonna will get a new home. We'll find out about the agreement to remove the mosaic which became an overnight landmark.

How Will Sweetwater Move Forward After Firing Superintendent?

June 21
Midday Edition

Early this morning, the Sweetwater Union High School District terminated the contract of superintendent Jesus Gandara. Gandara had been under fire for months after the San Diego Union-Tribune revealed he was charging meals to a district credit card, and had engaged in other questionable management practices.

Resurgence Of The 'Granny Scam'

June 21
Midday Edition
Tease photo for Resurgence Of The 'Granny Scam'

The phone rings and the caller claims to a relative who is in trouble in a foreign country, they need money wired right away and you can't tell anyone about it. That's the premise for the "granny scam," and victims, mostly grandmothers, in San Diego County have been duped out of at least $141,000 over the last two years. We'll find out how to protect loved ones who might be vulnerable to this scam.

What's Next In Calif. Budget Debate Is Unclear

June 21
Associated Press

With 10 days left before California starts a new fiscal year, Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Monday turned to Gov. Jerry Brown for his next move. What that is, he's not saying.

3 Bodies Found In Chula Vista Home

June 21
The Associated Press

Three bodies were found today in a burned-out Chula Vista Home. Police are calling it an apparent murder-suicide.

On The Road With Bob Dylan

June 21
By Angela Carone
Tease photo for On The Road With Bob Dylan

Vacation season is upon us and I've road tested some driving music for you. Get your hands on copies of Bob Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour" for some diverse music selection and Dylan's poetic and entertaining commentary.

Citizens' Redistricting Commission Gets An Earful

June 21
By Alison St John
Tease photo for Citizens' Redistricting Commission Gets An Earful

Residents from all over San Diego and Imperial Counties showed up to lobby for new political boundaries that would best reflect their community's interests.

Sushi Closes Its Doors

June 21
By Angela Carone
Tease photo for Sushi Closes Its Doors

Sushi Contemporary Performance and Visual Arts closes its doors after 31 years of presenting progressive (and provocative) art.

Climate Change: Public Skeptical, Scientists Sure

June 21
Richard Harris, NPR
Tease photo for Climate Change: Public Skeptical, Scientists Sure

The American public is less likely to believe in global warming than it was just five years ago. Yet, paradoxically, scientists are more confident than ever that climate change is real and caused largely by human activities.

Freed Former Tijuana Mayor Says No Hard Feelings

June 21
Elliot Spagat, Associated Press
Tease photo for Freed Former Tijuana Mayor Says No Hard Feelings

The eccentric former mayor of Tijuana said Monday that he had no hard feelings for the Mexican officials who launched a pre-dawn raid on his home and imprisoned him for 10 days on charges that were eventually dismissed.

U.S. Faulted For Not Doing Enough In Yemen

June 21
Eric Westervelt, NPR
Tease photo for U.S. Faulted For Not Doing Enough In Yemen

Protesters in Yemen, along with key tribal and religious leaders, have spent months in the streets calling for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and for new elections.

Service Connects Parents For School Carpools

June 21
By Andrés Barraza

SchoolPool connects parents with others in their neighborhood to form groups to carpool, walk or bike to school.

Traffic Woes On Interstate 15

June 21
By Erik Anderson
Tease photo for Traffic Woes On Interstate 15

The morning and afternoon commutes along Interstate 15 in San Diego County were much tougher than normal yesterday. There probably won't be any relief until next week.

Wheelchair Dancing Is On A Roll

June 21
By Kenny Goldberg
Tease photo for Wheelchair Dancing Is On A Roll

People in wheelchairs can do almost anything able-bodied people can do. Even dance. In fact, wheelchair dancing is starting to catch on in San Diego.