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Stories for November 2, 2011

Union Leaders Urge Bank Customers To Transfer Savings To Credit Unions

Nov. 2
By Nico Smedley
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San Diego union members marched in front of major banks downtown today, urging customers to transfer their money to local credit unions.

Expensive Gas May Drain Holiday Budgets

Nov. 2
By Erik Anderson
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A new survey finds record high gas prices have the state's drivers thinking about spending less on gifts during the upcoming holidays. The average price is holding steady at about $3.84 a gallon.

2011 Brings Record High Number of Referendum Efforts

Nov. 2
Ben Adler, California Capitol Network
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California’s initiative process is well-known and frequently used. Any citizen can write a law and collect signatures to qualify it for an election. The initiative’s cousin, the referendum, has been used far more rarely – until this year.

AUSTIN CITY LIMITS: Steve Martin/Sarah Jarosz

Nov. 2
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AUSTIN CITY LIMITS: Steve Martin/Sarah Jarosz  Tease photo

AUSTIN CITY LIMITS continues its longstanding tradition of showcasing the best of original American music. Bluegrass is the order of the night with Steve Martin and Sarah Jarosz. Comedian Martin picks up his banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers for new tunes in the old tradition. Young Texan Jarosz rewrites the bluegrass rules with her original songs and style.

Group to Push for Alternative Pension Plan

Nov. 2
Jenny O'Mara, California Capitol Network
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A group pushing for changes to California public pension law is hoping to put an initiative before voters next year.

City Council Budget Committee Asks Mayor For Guidance On Infrastructure

Nov. 2
City News Service
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The San Diego City Council's Budget Committee asked the Mayor's Office today for some direction on how to catch up on a backlog of infrastructure improvements pegged at $840 million.

Crews Rescue 5 People Attempting To Cross Border Through Tunnel

Nov. 2
Evening Edition
1 Comment /news/2011/nov/02/crews-rescue-5-people-attempting-cross-border-thro/

Federal agents found five would-be border-crossers in a cramped tunnel near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry today.

Coastal Commission Votes Down Plans To Redevelop Downtown Navy Headquarters

Nov. 2
By Alison St John
2 Comments /news/2011/nov/02/coastal-commission-votes-down-plans-redevelop-down/
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The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously today to scuttle plans to redevelop the Navy's headquarters in downtown San Diego. It found the project and surrounding area have changed significantly since approval was granted 20 years ago.

Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts, Parts One & Two (Season Five)

Nov. 2
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Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts, Parts One & Two (Season Five) Tease photo

Morse and Lewis investigate when Nicos, the chef from a local Greek restaurant, is found murdered. He had been in England for six months and they initially learn little about him other than he was well liked and had no enemies. They eventually learn that he had previously been in England as a sous-chef for Digby Tuckerman, a wheeler dealer whose hotel went bankrupt and is now hoping to open a series of marine theme parks. When Nicos' sister is also killed, Morse must determine who would want them both dead.

Jerry Schad's Last Hiking Book For San Diego

Nov. 2
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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Jerry Schad's widow talks about his last book on hiking in San Diego, "50 Best Short Hikes - San Diego".

Give Me The Banjo

Nov. 2
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Give Me The Banjo  Tease photo

Narrated by Steve Martin, a banjoist himself, the film explores the roots of American music — the minstrel show, ragtime and early jazz, blues, old-time, folk, bluegrass and country. It is a story of America’s quintessential musical instrument from its African slavery roots to the 21st century, featuring performances and commentary from contemporary folk musicians such as Pete Seeger, Earl Scruggs, Taj Mahal, Béla Fleck and the Carolina Chocolate Drops, as well as from leading music historians, instrument builders and collectors.

San Diego County Fire Watch

Nov. 2
Evening Edition
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Cal Fire is reporting that smoke seen in East County is from a 600-acre brush fire burning in Mexico.

Officials Warn Of Severe Fire Weather In Southern California

Nov. 2
City News Service
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Strong Santa Ana winds lashed the Southland today and combined with bone-dry vegetation and low humidity to create fears of rapidly spreading wildfires.

Stuxnet Raises 'Blowback' Risk In Cyberwar

Nov. 2
Tom Gjelten, NPR
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U.S. officials fear the computer worm offers a blueprint for sabotaging industrial operations here.

San Diego Unified Trustees Take School Closures Off The Table

Nov. 2
By Kyla Calvert
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San Diego Unified trustees voted unanimously to end consideration of closing 10 schools next fall.

Estuary Reborn In South San Diego Bay

Nov. 2
Evening Edition
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Commercial salt ponds in south San Diego Bay operated since the 1950s. The salt-making operation used three levees to separate the area from the rest of the bay. Now the estuary is being reborn.

Demand Keeps Teen Sex Trafficking A Booming Business

Nov. 2
By Amita Sharma
4 Comments /news/2011/nov/02/consumers-keep-teen-sex-trafficking-booming-busine/
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The teenage sex trade thrives because of an abundance of consumers. Prosecutors are trying to cut demand by educating Johns.

San Diego Labor Group Says Bye Bye To Big Banks

Nov. 2
By Marissa Cabrera
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San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council is pushing big-bank customers to switch from a Wall Street bank to a Main Street bank on Wednesday, ahead of a national effort to withdraw money from big banks this weekend.