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Stories for November 24, 2011

U.S. Easing Out Of Nation-Building Business

Nov. 24
Alan Greenblatt, NPR
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The difficulty and expense associated with nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan has made the notion of nation-building unpopular with Democrats and Republicans alike. But throughout U.S. history, the idea has always staged a comeback.

Qualcomm Challenges LCDs Through New E-Reader

Nov. 24
Associated Press

A new electronic display is poised to challenge power-hungry LCDs after U.S. mobile chip maker Qualcomm Inc. teamed up with a South Korean bookseller to introduce a new e-reader.

Thanksgiving Day Activities In San Diego

Nov. 24
City News Service

Holiday events around San Diego today will let you get your exercise in early, eat until you're stuffed like a turkey and then drive around and enjoy pretty lights when the tryptophan kicks in.

A Navajo Thanksgiving

Nov. 24
By Laurel Morales
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On Thanksgiving, many Navajo people get together with their families, eat turkey and give thanks. Navajo teacher Brent Chase teaches his students in northern Arizona about a special Navajo tradition.