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Stories for November 4, 2012

Man Who Killed Octopus For 'Art Project' Angers Divers

Nov. 4
Shula Neuman / NPR

A different kind of storm hit the Pacific Northwest this past week when a local diver was seen hauling a giant Pacific octopus from a popular diving area in Puget Sound in Seattle.

Gay Marriage, Marijuana And Taxes: States Decide

Nov. 4
NPR Staff / NPR

Voters will decide 174 ballot propositions across 37 states this election. Reid Wilson, the editor in chief of National Journal's Hotline, says he believes these decisions will change the day-to-day lives of average Americans more than who wins the presidency.

Sandy's Effects Linger Nearly A Week After Storm

Nov. 4
Krishnadev Calamur / NPR

Here's what's happening today in the New York-New Jersey area, nearly a week after Superstorm Sandy devastated the region:

Potential Election Day Firsts: Races To Watch

Nov. 4
Liz Halloran / NPR

Election Day is promising many firsts -- and not just the obvious ones.

Now, It's All About Election Day Turnout

Now, It's All About Election Day Turnout

Nov. 4
Scott Montgomery / NPR

With Election Day just two days away, the presidential campaigns of Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney are spending the final hours criss-crossing the swing states trying to get their supporters to the polls.

NYC Marathoners Run For Storm Relief

Nov. 4
Scott Montgomery / NPR

New York City's canceled marathon left thousands of runners who had traveled to the storm-damaged city with nothing but free time and a good pair of shoes.

Rape Comment Hangs Over Senate Race In Indiana

Rape Comment Hangs Over Senate Race In Indiana

Nov. 4
Sonari Glinton / NPR

Republicans have been hoping to win gain control of the U.S. Senate. The path toward victory had Indiana solidly on their side.

Stuck In The Middle (Class) With You

Nov. 4
Dana Farrington / NPR

In a country of dreamers and achievers, we seem surprisingly content in the middle.

Levee Rebuilding Questioned After Sandy Breach

Nov. 4
Joe Palca / NPR

Every time a storm brings flooding to a large metropolitan area, there are calls to improve the levee systems that are designed to prevent flooding.

Time's Running Out For Missouri's Todd Akin

Nov. 4
Alan Greenblatt / NPR

It may be too little, too late for Rep. Todd Akin.