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Stories for April 6, 2013

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There Can Be Only One! Louisville To Face Michigan For NCAA Title

April 6, 2013
Steve Mullis, Dana Farrington

Following Saturday's Final Four match-ups in Atlanta, the stage is set for Monday's NCAA men's basketball championship where overall No. 1-seeded Louisville will face off against Michigan to take home the coveted NCAA title.

Squeak! Louisville Beats Wichita With Unexpected Difficulty

April 6, 2013
Dana Farrington / NPR

Louisville pulls out a win against Wichita State, 72-68, in the NCAA men's basketball Final Four round. It didn't happen without a fight, though.

Strong Winds Warning Issued For San Diego County

April 6, 2013

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Strong, gusty winds were expected to buffet San Diego County mountains and deserts tonight, and slightly weaker winds were expected in the coastal areas and valleys on Monday, forecasters said.

Loan Education Becomes Prerequisite As Student Debt Balloons

April 6, 2013
NPR Staff / NPR

For students now sprinting toward the end of their college days, the finish line may not be much of a relief. More than ever, their gait is slowed by the weight of impending debt.

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The First Gun In America

April 6, 2013
Linton Weeks / NPR

Guns and America were born around the same time and grew up together. Like feuding cousins, their histories have been linked ever since.

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Kansas Set To Enact Law Saying Life Starts At Fertilization

April 6, 2013
Lauren Hodges / NPR

Lawmakers in Kansas passed an extensive anti-abortion measure Friday night, which Gov. Sam Brownback is expected to sign into law. The bill declares that life begins "at fertilization," prohibits abortions related to the baby's sex and blocks tax breaks for health care providers that perform abortions.

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With Plan B Ruling, Judge Signs Off On Years Of Advocacy

April 6, 2013
Julie Rovner / NPR

A federal judge ordered Friday what women's groups have failed to accomplish politically for a dozen years. He ruled that Plan B, the most commonly used morning-after birth control pill, be sold without a prescription or other restrictions to women of all ages.

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Will Unauthorized Immigrants Get Federal Health Benefits After Reform?

April 6, 2013
By Jude Joffe-Block

What a potential immigration reform means for health care reform.

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Update: Spike And Mike's 30th Festival Of Animation Extravaganza

April 6, 2013
By Beth Accomando

Apparently, you cannot have too much of a good thing. So by popular demand Spike and Mike's 30th Festival Of Animation Extravaganza has been extended to April 13 with new shorts added.