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Stories for December 1, 2013

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Could Hawaii Become A Same-Sex Wedding Destination?

Dec. 1, 2013
Molly Solomon / NPR

Starting Monday, same-sex marriage is legal in Hawaii. The state has long been a destination for weddings and honeymoons. And now state officials, as well as hotels and restaurants, are hoping the latest marriage-equality law will spur a new market for wedding tourism.

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School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents

Dec. 1, 2013
Patti Neighmond / NPR

When high school junior Nora Huynh got her report card, she was devastated to see that she didn't get a perfect 4.0.

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The Key Test For Is The Part You Can't See

Dec. 1, 2013
Elise Hu / NPR

Calling the improvements "night and day" from October, the Obama administration says it has met its goal of getting the troubled site working for a "vast majority" of users. But that's only part of a complex technology system that is designed to end with insurance companies providing coverage for millions of consumers.

Shifting Gears: Commuting Aboard The L.A. Bike Trains

Dec. 1, 2013
Alex Schmidt / NPR

One of the largest obstacles in getting people to bike to work is their fear of getting hit by a car. A new grass roots project in Los Angeles is helping folks navigate the ins and outs of traffic.

5 Most Memorable Political Ads Of 2013

Dec. 1, 2013
Adam Wollner / NPR

It may have been an election off-year, but that didn't stifle the creativity of political ad-makers in 2013.

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Saving The Native Prairie -- One Black-Footed Ferret At A Time

Dec. 1, 2013
Elizabeth Shogren / NPR

American pioneers saw the endless stretches of grassland of the Great Plains as a place to produce grain and beef for a growing country. But one casualty was the native prairie ecosystem and animals that thrived only there.