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Stories for December 15, 2013

Healthy Habits Can Help Induce Sleep Without The Pills

Dec. 15
Patti Neighmond / NPR

About one third of American adults say they have problems falling asleep. And prescriptions for sleeping medications are on the rise, with about 4 percent of people using the drugs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Battle Of The Bottom Feeder: U.S., Vietnam In Catfish Fight

Dec. 15
Jackie Northam / NPR
Battle Of The Bottom Feeder: U.S., Vietnam In Catfish Fight Tease photo

Bill Battle peers through the window of a pickup truck at his catfish farm, Pride of the Pond, near Tunica, Miss. The land is pancake-flat, broken up by massive ponds, some holding up to 100,000 pounds of catfish.

In Press-Rights Battle, Reporter Says Accountability's At Risk

Dec. 15
NPR Staff / NPR
Tease photo

Freedom of the press is considered an essential ideal of American democracy.

U.S. Recognizes A South Korean StarCraft Player As An Athlete

Dec. 15
Alan Yu / NPR

South Korean Kim Dong-hwan, a professional StarCraft II player, has received a special U.S. visa, normally reserved for baseball players and other athletes.

Sriracha: First, The Crisis. Now, The Movie

Dec. 15
Maria Godoy / NPR
Tease photo

Lately, it seems as if news about Sriracha has been as ubiquitous as the much-loved hot sauce itself.

Oh My, Ohio! Five States Named "Most Likely To Curse"

Dec. 15
NPR Staff / NPR
Tease photo

Most of us like to think we comport ourselves with a certain level of civility. But apparently, phone calls with customer service representatives of all stripes can lead us into more colorful speech. And some people like to track it.

Another Partisan Divide: Mitt Romney's Looks

Dec. 15
Adam Wollner / NPR
Tease photo

It's clear that Republicans and Democrats had different political opinions about Mitt Romney. But did Romney literally look different to the two sides? A forthcoming study suggests that might be the case.