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Stories for December 22, 2013

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After Target's Data Breach, Customer Incentive Disappoints

Dec. 22
Jim Zarroli / NPR

Target is trying to get back in its customers' good graces after a massive data breach affecting some 40 million credit and debit account holders. The giant retail chain offered its customers a 10 percent discount over the weekend as an act of atonement, but business was said to be down anyway.

A Pinball Monopoly, Camel Trekking In Texas, Charles Dickens' Mistress

Dec. 22
NPR Staff / NPR

This week on the podcast, we meet a tour guide leading camels through the wilderness, and a pinball manufacturer who wants to shake up his industry.

In The World Of Pinball, An Underdog Takes On The Giant

Dec. 22
Francesca Fenzi / NPR

For more than a decade, Stern Pinball was the only manufacturer of pinball machines. The Chicago-based company's last rival closed down in 1999.

Tease photo for 4 US Troops Injured After Gunfire Hits Aircraft In South Sudan (Video)

4 US Troops Injured After Gunfire Hits Aircraft In South Sudan (Video)

Dec. 22
By Beth Ford Roth

Four American service members are currently in stable condition at a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, after their military aircraft was attacked with gunfire in South Sudan on Saturday.

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Museums Give Video Games Bonus Life, But The Next Level Awaits

Dec. 22
April Fehling / NPR

The long-running debate over whether video games constitute art may finally be moot -- at least as far as the Smithsonian American Art Museum is concerned. Last week, SAAM acquired two video games, Halo 2600 and Flower, for its permanent collection.

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Pension Cut Angers Senate's Staunchest Military Supporters

Dec. 22
David Welna / NPR

In the two-year, $2 trillion budget deal that cleared the Senate last week, one item, worth just one-sixth of 1 percent of that total, was the reason many senators said they voted against it.

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For Two Young Doctors, Working On Christmas Was A Privilege

Dec. 22
John Henning Schumann / NPR

December is supposed to be the time of year filled with family gatherings and holiday good cheer. For medical residents, quite the opposite is true.

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Grasslands Get Squeezed As Another 1.6 Million Acres Go Into Crops

Dec. 22
Dan Charles / NPR

As the year winds down, we here at NPR are looking at a few key numbers that explain the big trends of 2013.