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Stories for February 17, 2013

Obama's Top Military Adviser Says Cuts Would Cost 'Time And Casualties'

Feb. 17
NPR Staff / NPR
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It's been about a year and a half since Gen. Martin Dempsey left his job as chief of staff of the Army and became President Obama's top military adviser as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Rethinking The U.S. Presidency: 3 Alternative Realities

Feb. 17
Linton Weeks / NPR
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Did you pay attention to the State of the Union Address? Were you struck by the countless complexities President Obama has to deal with? The economy. The national budget and deficit. Health care. Tax reform. Education. Jobs. Energy. Climate change. The national infrastructure. Immigration. Gun violence and on and on and on.

Winning The Battle Remotely: New Medal Awards Evolving Warfare

Feb. 17
Dana Farrington / NPR
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To get the newest military medal, you don't have to have been on the front lines. In fact, you could work very, very far from any combat.