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Stories for January 13, 2013

Losing Our Religion: The Growth Of The 'Nones'

Jan. 13, 2013
Heidi Glenn / NPR

This week, Morning Edition explores the "nones" -- Americans who say they don't identify with any religion. Demographers have given them this name because when asked to identify their religion, that's their answer: "none."

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Rants And Raves: The Golden Globes

Jan. 13, 2013
By Beth Accomando

The 70th Golden Globe Awards came and went without many surprises but necklines definitely took a plunge.

Uncertainty Looms For Pentagon In Obama's Second Term

Jan. 13, 2013

America's military future is decidedly undecided.

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The Kraken Is Real: Scientist Films First Footage Of A Giant Squid

Jan. 13, 2013
NPR Staff / NPR

For thousands of years, sailors have told stories of giant squids. In myth and cinema, the kraken was the most terrible of sea monsters. Now, it's been captured -- on a soon-to-be-seen video.

Ban On Assault Rifles Unlikely, NRA Chief Says

Jan. 13, 2013
Krishnadev Calamur / NPR

The head of the National Rifle Association said Sunday that there's little appetite on Capitol Hill for a ban on assault weapons.

San Diego Police Shoot Suspect In Movie Theater

Jan. 13, 2013
City News Service

A San Diego police officer shot and wounded a domestic violence suspect who authorities claim attempted to evade arrest by hiding in a Carmel Mountain Ranch movie theater and pretending to be a patron.