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Stories for July 28, 2013

High-Deductible Health Plans, Gamble For Some, On The Rise

July 28
NPR Staff / NPR

Near the end of last year, a big finance company in Charlotte, N.C., was doing what a lot of other businesses have been doing recently: switching up their health care offerings.

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Conservationists Call For Quiet: The Ocean Is Too Loud!

July 28
NPR Staff / NPR

Just about everything that we do in the water makes noise. When we ship goods from country to country, when we explore for oil and gas and minerals, when the military trains with explosives or intense sonar systems -- the noise travels.

The Rise Of Bloodsucking Insects You Can't Just Swat Away

July 28

Steamy days, sultry nights and swarming bugs all make up the thrum of life in the heart of summer. But more and more, our summers are assaulted by the bloodsucking kind of bugs, namely mosquitoes and ticks.

Tease photo for Feinstein Calls On Filner To Resign

Feinstein Calls On Filner To Resign

July 28
By KPBS News

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a fellow Democraat, says it's time for Bob Filner to quit as mayor of San Diego.

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Who Spies More, The United States Or Europe?

July 28
Tom Gjelten / NPR

The House of Representatives last week rejected legislation that would have limited the data the NSA can collect from Americans. But the margin was narrow, and House leaders predict more efforts to bring the NSA under tighter control.

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Reinvigorating A Detroit Neighborhood, Block By Block

July 28
Sonari Glinton / NPR

The debt-laden city of Detroit has been an incubator for new strategies in urban revitalization, including a downtown People Mover, casinos, urban farms, artist colonies and large scale down-sizing.