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Stories for March 2, 2013

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After Keystone Review, Environmentalists Vow To Continue Fight

March 2, 2013
Elizabeth Shogren / NPR

If they can block the Keystone XL pipeline, they can keep Canada from developing more of its dirty tar sands oil. It takes a lot of energy to get it out of the ground and turn it into gasoline, so it has a bigger greenhouse gas footprint than conventional oil.

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Week In Review: Cyber Security At San Onofre And More Hospice Trouble

March 2, 2013
By Claire Trageser

The San Diego Unified School District must have whiplash.

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Does President Obama Know When To Say When?

March 2, 2013
Alan Greenblatt / NPR

The president is always the star of the show. When just about any major event occurs -- whether it's a downturn in the unemployment rate, a natural disaster or some crisis overseas -- much of the news media ask how it's going to play out for the president, the central actor in our national drama.

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Can Detroit Be Saved?

March 2, 2013
Sarah Hulett / NPR

Detroit is broke. Friday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced the state will take over the city's finances.

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In Alaska's Iditarod Sled Race, Vets Are A Dog's Best Friend

March 2, 2013
Russell Lewis / NPR

In Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday, the "Last Great Race on Earth" begins.

Florida Atlantic Donation Sparks Outrage, But University Doesn't Budge

March 2, 2013
Greg Allen / NPR

Florida Atlantic University says it's standing by its deal selling naming rights to its new football stadium to a controversial private prison company. The Boca Raton-based GEO Group faces allegations of abuse and neglect at some of its facilities, and there's a growing call on the campus for the school to sever its ties.