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Stories for March 16, 2013

Festival Screening: 'One Day in September- El Patiente Interno'

March 16
By Rebecca Romani
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Guest blogger Rebecca Romani recommends the story of one man who tried to assassinate the President of Mexico...and missed.

On CPAC's Last Day, Conservatives Weigh Future Possibilities

March 16
Dana Farrington / NPR
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It's the last day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, which will culminate in a keynote address by up-and-coming Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. There will also be a straw poll of possible 2016 presidential contenders.

Ted Cruz: From Texas Underdog To Republican Up-And-Comer

March 16
David Welna / NPR
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The keynote speaker at Saturday night's closing session of the Conservative Political Action Conference is a 42-year-old Texan who's been a U.S. senator since January.

Talk Of Zombies Aside, Gun Bills Face Political Reality

March 16
Ailsa Chang / NPR
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Two more gun control bills are heading to the Senate floor after narrowly winning approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. The legislation requiring background checks for nearly all gun sales will likely face stiff opposition in its current version. But it's the second proposal, banning assault weapons, which may get particularly heated pushback from lawmakers.