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San Diego Public Library Highlights Banned Books By Reading Censored Books Aloud

Sept. 25
Midday Edition
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With the Internet allowing access to just about any kind of information, the concept of banning books seems like something from another century. But, every year, books in libraries and schools continue to be challenged — and some of them are removed.

'Life, Animated: A Story Of Sidekicks, Heroes, And Autism'

Sept. 17
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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A book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind details his family's 20-year struggle with their youngest son's autism — and how his obsession to Disney movies opened his world and is helping others.

San Diego Physician Pens Medical Thriller

Sept. 4
Midday Edition
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UC San Diego physician Dr. Kelly Parsons has penned his first novel — a medical thriller. The plot of "Doing Harm" involves a surgeon, a serial killer and a hospital.

Navy Seal Veteran Nabs Role In Chris Kyle Biopic 'American Sniper' (Video)

Sept. 1
By Beth Ford Roth
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With Clint Eastwood directing and Bradley Cooper playing the title role, casting directors of the Chris Kyle biopic "American Sniper" were looking for someone to play Kevin Lacz, a Navy SEAL teammate of Kyle's. Just so happens Lacz was available to play the role.

Being Barbarella: Going Behind the Lipstick of 'Diary of a Diva'

Aug. 27
By Beth Accomando
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For the past decade, Barbarella Fokos has been writing her popular column Diary of a Diva for the San Diego Reader. Now she has released her first book, "Diary of a Diva: Behind the Lipstick."

Columnist Marks 10 Years With New Book 'Diary Of A Diva, Behind The Lipstick'

Aug. 21
Midday Edition
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For 10 years, Barbarella Fokos has been writing the popular Diary of a Diva column in the San Diego Reader, now she's put some of her favorite stories in her first book, "Diary of a Diva, Behind the Lipstick."

SDSU Professor's New Book Is An Experiment In Fiction For The Twitter Generation

Aug. 19
Midday Edition
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KPBS Midday Edition speaks to San Diego State University literature Professor Harold Jaffe about his latest book, a collection of 50- and 100-word stories called "Induced Coma."

Author Scott Turow Discusses His Latest Legal Thriller 'Identical'

Aug. 4
Midday Edition
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Scott Turow will be in San Diego Tuesday to discuss "Identical." The ticketed event at Qualcomm is being co-sponsored by the San Diego Law Library and Warwick’s.

San Diego Author Aims To Tackle Lack Of Diversity In Children's Books

July 31
Midday Edition
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Diego's Dragons is a fantasy series for middle grade and young adult readers by San Diego author Kevin Gerard. The series features a Latino boy as a hero.

How Animals With Mental Illness Can Help Humans Heal

July 15
Midday Edition
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A growing consensus on animal behavior is leaning toward the theory animals have complex emotional lives more similar to our own than realized. "Animal Madness" takes its cue from the problems of one disturbed dog and examines what we can learn about ourselves from the emotional problems of animals.

Sally Ride's Public And Private Life Shared In New Biography

July 9
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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Former ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr discusses her new biography "Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space."

'Fluent In 3 Months' Author Believes You're Never Too Old To Learn

July 1
Midday Edition
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Even if you have struggled learning a new language, Benny Lewis says you can be "Fluent In 3 Months."

Art School Aims To Bring Love Of Comics To San Diego Year-Round

June 16
By Brooke Binkowski
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San Diego is famous for Comic-Con, the annual celebration of comic book and geek culture. The rest of the year, San Diego's vibrant comic book scene goes virtually underground, but that could change.

‘I Am Pilgrim’ Delivers 21st Century Espionage With A Cold War Feel

June 6
Miguel Rodriguez
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If this is what Terry Hayes can do with his first geopolitical spy novel, we can’t wait to see what he does next.

San Diego Author Of 'Once Upon A Mulberry Field'

June 5
By Tom Fudge, Patty Lane
San Diego Author Of 'Once Upon A Mulberry Field' Tease photo

Some forty years ago Saigon fell to communist North Vietnam. A local author who lived in Vietnam during the war explores his experience in his first novel, Once Upon A Mulberry Field.