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Pop Culture

Military Mom Cindy McCain Outraged Over Gwyneth Paltrow's War Comments

May 29
By Beth Ford Roth
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Actress and lightening rod for controversy Gwyneth Paltrow has outraged military mom Cindy McCain over comments she made comparing the experience of being trolled on the internet to surviving combat in war.

New Barrio Logan Radio Station Ready To Start Broadcasting

May 13
By Brooke Binkowski
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Radio Pulso del Barrio, a bilingual community radio station, will be the only one of its kind in San Diego.

Conan O'Brien Hosting Week Of Shows From San Diego During Comic-Con

April 7
By City News Service
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Conan O'Brien will bring his late-night television program to downtown San Diego next year for a full week of shows during Comic-Con International.

Steampunk Carousel Outing Cut Short By Security Guards

Feb. 19
Kim Keeline, Guest Blogger
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I have to say I was a bit surprised to see fellow Shakespeare buff Kim Keeline in a news report about an incident involving a run in with mall security guards. As she said, "When I chose my long floral skirt and the matching puff sleeved Victorian top, and put the green feather in my hair, I didn't realize I would be seen as a threatening figure." Here's her story.

'Hero's Welcome' Super Bowl Ad Showing Soldier's Homecoming Popular With Fans (Video)

Feb. 3
By Beth Ford Roth
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A town warmly welcoming home Army Lt. Chuck Nadd from Afghanistan with a ticker tape parade was the third most popular ad during Super Bowl 2014, according to USA TODAY's Ad Meter.

Swedish Marines Version of 'Greased Lightnin'' Goes Viral (Video)

Jan. 27
By Beth Ford Roth
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The country that contributed Ingrid Bergman, Stieg Larsson, and IKEA to the world's cultural landscape has made yet another offering for us to enjoy. This time, a group of Swedish Marines stationed in Afghanistan performed what some are calling a sexy version of the song "Greased Lightnin'" from the musical "Grease."

Army-Navy Game Spirit Video Parodies GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial

Dec. 13
By Beth Ford Roth
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Guess what day it is? Not just Friday the 13th, but also the day before the Army-Navy game. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert took part in a hilarious spirit video that parodies the infamous GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial.

Review: 'The Punk Singer'

Dec. 5
By Beth Accomando
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“The Punk Singer” (opening Dec. 6 at the Digital Gym Cinema) is a documentary focusing on Kathleen Hanna, the dynamic lead singer of Bikini Kill. She was a feminist and activist who mysteriously stopped singing in 2005.

Rants And Raves: 'The Wolverine'

July 23
By Beth Accomando
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Hollywood loves to advertise its product but the marketing campaigns for many films fall flat or fail to inspire. Not the case with "The Wolverine" (opening July 26 throughout San Diego).

Comic-Con: Video Gaming Continues To Grow

July 23
Tony Weidinger, Guest Blogger
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Guest blogger Tony Weidinger says he's been going to Comic-Con ever since his mom took him as a baby in a stroller. He writes about the changes he's seen in the past two decades.

Comic-Con Wrap Up

July 22
Evening Edition
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The 43rd Comic-Con came to a close last night, and as usual there was far too much to do in four days.

Comic-Con 2013 Sounds: An Introduction

July 19
By Angela Carone
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San Diegans are used to seeing superheroes and vampires take over downtown every summer for Comic-Con, which draws 130,000 attendees. But for those, who've never been, here's an introduction.

Not Guilty By Reason Of Zombification?

July 18
By Beth Accomando, Katie Schoolov
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While an "Assassin's Creed" pirate ship docks behind Comic-Con, a panel on the zombie apocalypse takes place inside. Check out the video.

Comic-Con Invades San Diego

July 18
By Beth Accomando, Deb Welsh
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Just ahead of Comic-Con day one, KPBS Morning Edition's Deb Welsh talks with KPBS arts reporter — and longtime Comic-Con attendee — Beth Accomando.

Short For A Stormtrooper? Not In This Star Wars Dress-Up Game

July 11
By Claire Trageser
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Like Civil War reenactors from this galaxy, the 501st Legion of Star Wars stormtroopers have very strict costuming requirements.