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Less Is More With 'Two Days, One Night'

Jan. 30, 2015
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Sometimes a foreign film’s wider distribution hinges on whether or not it garners any Academy Awards nominations. "Two Days, One Night" (opening Jan. 30 at Landmark's La Jolla Village Theatres) just secured a best actress nomination and is now finally opening in San Diego. It was worth the wait.

San Diego Opera's 'La Bohème' Serves Up A Tasty Take On Puccini's Opera

Jan. 23, 2015
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Food is being served at San Diego Opera’s latest production of "La Bohème" (opening Saturday at the Civic Theatre). But this food is being served on stage.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: What To See

Jan. 22, 2015
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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which promises at least one story with a local angle, starts Thursday night at the Museum of Photographic Arts. Here's a rundown of the film schedule.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival At Museum of Photographic Arts Aims To Make A Difference

Jan. 22, 2015
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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival returns to the Museum of Photographic Arts for its fifth year Thursday night.

The Universal Suspects: 40 Monsters, 31 Movies, 12 Months, No Escape

Jan. 21, 2015
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The Film Geeks at the Digital Gym Cinema will present a year of Universal's classic monster movies starting Sunday.

CoVen Lets Dancers Play With Fire

Jan. 21, 2015
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On Saturday, the Fire Garden in Bonsall hosts CoVen, a fire, circus, dance show featuring the multi-talented Anna Yanushkevich.

'Wetlands' Heroine Rejects Personal Hygiene As Her Form Of Rebellion

Jan. 16, 2015
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Coming of age stories usually focus on male characters. Germany’s "Wetlands" (opening Jan. 16 at the Digital Gym Cinema) gives us a rebellious young woman as the center.

The Oscars Versus The Cinema Junkie Awards

Jan. 15, 2015
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The benefit of being a film critic is that when all the nominations and awards come out, I have a public outlet for channeling all my anger.

Rants And Raves: Confessions of a ‘Re-Animator The Musical’ Groupie

Jan. 14, 2015
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I have a confession. I am a “Re-Animator The Musical” groupie and here’s why you should be, too.

Film Classics Return To The Big Screen At The Ken

Jan. 9, 2015
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The Ken Cinema tested a week of classic cinema last year that drew praise and crowds. Now they serve up another week of film classics to kick off the New Year.

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