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Friendly, Intimate San Diego Comic Fest Takes Over President's Day Weekend

Feb. 10, 2016
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San Diego Comic Fest touts itself as “the friendly intimate comic-con experience.” This year they moved the event from October to President’s Day weekend.

The Angelika Film Center Launches Series To Showcase Hollywood Epics

Feb. 8, 2016
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San Diego's most recently opened luxury cinema, Angelika Film Center in Carmel Mountain, kicks off a new film series called “Movies Off the Wall” and features films from its poster wall. It will take place Monday nights in February.

'Ragtime The Musical' Delivers A Message That's Still Relevant

Feb. 8, 2016
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E.L. Doctorow’s 1975 novel “Ragtime” has inspired a feature film and a stage musical. San Diego Musical Theatre presents their production of “Ragtime The Musical” at the Spreckels Theater through Feb. 21.

'Hail, Caesar!' Delivers Screwball Comedy And More

Feb. 5, 2016
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A Coen Brothers film is always something to look forward to and "Hail, Caesar!" (opening this weekend in select theaters) is no exception.

San Diego Jewish Film Festival Launches 26th Year With South African Drama

Feb. 4, 2016
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The 26th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival opens Thursday night with the U.S. premiere of the South African drama "The Price of Sugar." Here are some highlights.

'45 Years' Looks To Marriage On The Rocks

Jan. 29, 2016
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Charlotte Rampling received a best actress Oscar nomination for "45 Years" (opening Jan. 29 at Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas, Arclight La Jolla, and Angelika Center). The performance is award-worthy but the actress’ response to the outcry over the all-white nominees may have killed her chances of winning.

Preview: San Diego Black Film Festival

Jan. 27, 2016
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This year’s San Diego Black Film Festival arrives amidst public outcry over another year of very white Academy Award nominations. But the festival highlights the diversity of black filmmaking.

Dame Maggie Smith Finds 'Vagabond Nobility' In 'Lady In The Van'

Jan. 22, 2016
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“Lady in the Van” tells the “mostly true story” of playwright Alan Bennett’s odd relationship with a homeless woman who camped out on his driveway for 15 years.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival Uses Documentaries To Stir Awareness

Jan. 20, 2016
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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival kicks off its sixth year and four days of films at the Museum of Photographic Arts on Jan. 21.

Comics Give 'Terminator 2' Live Table Read

Jan. 19, 2016
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Are you in the mood for a movie? How about an action film that’s free but in a bar and with the roles read by comedians? Get ready for "Tabled: Terminator 2."

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