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14 Films In 4 Days: My Experience At TCM Classic Film Festival

April 2, 2015
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This past weekend I watched 14 feature films and a handful of shorts in less than four days at the TCM Classic Film Festival, and it reminded me why I fell in love with movies in the first place.

'The Facts Of Life: The Lost Episode' Turns '80s Sitcom Into A Drag Spoof

April 1, 2015
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Playwright Jamie Morris likes to take mainstream American sitcoms and turn them into R-rated gay romps with a male cast in drag. Morris’ “The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode” had a sold out run at Diversionary Theater in 2012 and returns Thursday night for an encore engagement.

WonderCon Kicks Off Fourth Year In Anaheim This Friday

March 31, 2015
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If you were unable to buy tickets for this summer's Comic-Con then you might want to consider WonderCon, Comic-Con's little sister. But don’t hesitate because WonderCon is looking to sell out as well.

Rants And Raves: TCM Classic Film Festival

March 27, 2015
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If you love classic movies then you can find heaven on earth this weekend at the fifth annual TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.

'It Follows' Will Make You Look Over Your Shoulder In Dread And Love It

March 27, 2015
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"It Follows" (opening March 27 in select San Diego theaters) is one of the best horror films in years. So why has the studio been delaying the release and making access to press materials so difficult?

'Selma '65' Looks At The Voting Rights Act And Famous Civil Rights March

March 23, 2015
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Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of the last leg of the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March. To celebrate that historic event, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice will present a performance of Catherine Filloux's play, "Selma '65."

Banff Mountain Film Festival Closes Its Sold Out Run Monday Night At La Paloma

March 23, 2015
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The Banff Mountain Film Festival concludes its sold out San Diego County run Monday night at the La Paloma Theater and is inspiring attendees to seek out their own mountain adventures.

'Merchants Of Doubt' Suggests We're All Being Conned

March 20, 2015
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“Merchants of Doubt” (opening March 20 at Landmark’s Hillcrest Cinemas) is a documentary that wants to alert us to how we’re being conned and sometimes as willing participants.

Looking Ahead At 22nd San Diego Latino Film Festival

March 18, 2015
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Guest blogger Rebecca Romani has some suggestions on what to see and what to miss as this year's San Diego Latino Film Festival winds down.

FilmOut Presents High Art And Low Camp With Karen Black Double Feature

March 17, 2015
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Actress Karen Black died in August 2013. FilmOut San Diego on Wednesday night will pay tribute to her great range with a double feature at Landmark’s Hillcrest Cinemas.