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Solana Beach Continues Push To Fill City Council Seats After Recent Resignations

April 17
By Matt Hoffman

Solana Beach is accepting applications to fill former Mayor Ginger Mashall's council seat after filling the vacancy left by Councilman Mike Nichols last week.

Are Recall Elections Worth the Expense?

Dec. 22, 2009
By Gloria Penner

The city of Oceanside just went through a special election which cost the taxpayers half a million dollars. This is not chump change for a city facing a $10 million budget shortfall over the next two years and facing contract negotiations with the Oceanside Firefighters Association.

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Your Chance of a Lifetime – Don’t Miss It!

Dec. 10, 2009
By Gloria Penner

I’m not exaggerating. Did you ever think that you could exercise such power that you and 13 other Californians would be responsible for saving democracy in our state? In this case, democracy means that voters actually choose their legislators rather than their legislators choosing their voters. It also means that the results of elections are not preordained, and that elected legislators will be representative of the people of the state.

A Special Burden for Politicians: Liars

Nov. 6, 2009
By Gloria Penner

Why hasn't President Obama hauled people into court who accuse him of outrageous acts? He's been the target of a range of charges including allegations about his birthplace, religion, political affiliations, patriotism, tax policies, terrorism, infanticide and attitude toward seniors.

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Furloughs And Overtime = Doubtful State Savings

Oct. 29, 2009
By Gloria Penner

It’s not hard to understand the desperation Governor Schwarzenegger must be feeling. After all, his approval rating at 27 percent is just five points higher than the 22 percent earned by Governor Gray Davis just before Davis was recalled from office. In fact, the current governor’s disapproval rating at 65 percent is identical to the percentage of Californians who approved of his performance in 2004. What a rapid descent! He certainly didn’t add to his stature this week when he included an encoded vulgar message in his veto letter to a Democratic assemblyman.

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Three Grand Civic Projects With Room For The Homeless

Oct. 21, 2009
By Gloria Penner

As I’m writing this, an online news item tells me that two meetings are about to take place in San Diego to discuss what might be in the city’s future. One deals with municipal bankruptcy. That’s not my subject today. The other envisions three new municipal developments – huge, luxurious, and paid for by public funds. That interests me since those are the same three proposals that could provide the answer to San Diego’s growing homeless problem.

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Why Is Socialism Scary Again?

Oct. 8, 2009
By Gloria Penner

Last week, one of my guests on San Diego Week, the TV program I host, took aim at the media’s “conservative white talk show hosts,” Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Her complaint was that their inflammatory rhetoric contributed to the recent escalation in hate crimes in the U.S. After the show, I was approached – or perhaps reproached is a better word here - by a long-time associate who complained that the critical remarks about Limbaugh and Beck were unfair since both men were doing the nation a service. They were warning us about the danger of socialism taking over the federal government.

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'Frugged' By The Republican National Committee

Oct. 1, 2009
By Gloria Penner

It happened to me a few days ago and was totally unexpected. There, in my daily mail stack of incredibly boring bills, coupon offers, and disgustingly early holiday catalogues, was a goldenrod envelope, addressed to me and warning me in large-font bold letters: “DO NOT DESTROY.” The Republican National Committee had sent me, according to the return address, the 2009 Obama Agenda Survey.

ACORN: The Politics Of Poor Choices

Sept. 23, 2009
By Gloria Penner

This is not in defense of ACORN, and I want to be clear about that. A 40-year-old community organization with 1,200 chapters across 40 states and more than 400,000 member families should have more principle, professionalism and savvy than several of its employees apparently demonstrated recently in at least five different cities.

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Political Peccadilloes Aplenty

Sept. 16, 2009
By Gloria Penner

Illicit or unsavory sex committed by public political figures is not a modern or strictly American phenomenon. But there’s something about what’s going on with U.S. politicians recently that feels more disturbing than simply caving into carnal temptations.

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