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Why Nicaraguan Kids Aren’t Fleeing To U.S.

July 29
By Jill Replogle
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Nicaragua is Central America's poorest country, yet its children aren't fleeing to the border along with their Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran neighbors. Experts say that's because of the country's low crime rate, effective police force and unique migration history.

Roundtable: Reflecting On Filner, No Shelter In Escondido, Padres And Chargers

July 25
Midday Edition
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Irene McCormack Jackson reveals what it was like to work for Mayor Bob Filner. Escondido reveals it doesn't want to shelter migrant children. The Padres reveal trades, and the Chargers reveal hopes for 2014.

ACLU Considers Legal Action Against Escondido Over Migrant Shelter

July 23
By Jill Replogle
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The ACLU says the city of Escondido may have violated fair housing and land use laws when it rejected a permit to open a shelter for unaccompanied migrant children caught crossing the border illegally.

Gov. Brown Calls Attention To Border Crisis

July 23
By California Capitol Network
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California's Governor says the federal government, California and Mexico all have roles to play in addressing what's become a humanitarian problem.

No California National Guard Troops Headed To Border With Mexico

July 23
By Beth Ford Roth
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Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be making headlines for deploying National Guard troops to that state's border with Mexico, but California won't be following suit.

Escondido Again Rejects Shelter For Migrant Youth

July 22
By Jill Replogle
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Escondido again denied opening a temporary shelter for immigrant youth caught trying to cross the border illegally. But some groups want the issue reopened for debate.

UCSD Professor: Violence Main Cause Of Child Immigrant Crisis

July 17
Midday Edition
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A statistical analysis suggests violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, not U.S. immigration policies, is behind the young immigrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Los Angeles To Help Shelter Immigrant Children

July 16
Associated Press
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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that federal money would pay for legal representation and temporary shelter, while local nonprofits would help find homes for the children.

Sewage In Tijuana River Prompts Contamination Alert Near US-Mexico Border

July 15
By City News Service

Officials issued a contamination alert in the along the coast just north of the US-Mexico border after a large influx of sewage was detected in the Tijuana River.

Tijuana Blocks Three Narco-Corrido Stars From Annual Fair

July 14
By Jill Replogle
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The city of Tijuana is trying to keep three singers of so-called "narco ballads" from performing at the city's annual fair.

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